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29.01.2009 CPP News

Blows In CPP

By Daily Guide
Blows In CPP

Dr Abu Sakara LEADING MEMBERS of the Convention People's Party (CPP) are at each other's throats over revelations that some of them are negotiating for juicy positions in the new National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration.

Apparently, it was gathered that two lists of names have already been presented to the NDC powerhouse for consideration.

DAILY GUIDE learnt that without the knowledge and consent of the CPP Central Committee, four of the party's leaders and the flag bearer in the last elections, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, had compiled a list of names of persons for various government appointments and forwarded it through one of them to the office of Vice President John Mahama for consideration.

CPP guru and former Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr Kwabena Duffuor is already angling for the Finance Minister portfolio, as he is part of the Mills economy management team.

The issue has generated deep-seated animosity among party gurus with Dr Abu Sakara, a tribesman of Vice President Mahama and another party stalwart, almost exchanging blows at the central committee meeting over the ministerial jostling.

Grapevine sources indicate that the leadership is further amazed as it has been discovered that aside the said list, Dr. Nduom had covertly compiled another list bearing the names of his most preferred and loyal CPP guns, whom he wants to be part of the new government.

Dr. Nduom was reported to have handed over the second list to the NDC powerhouse and advised that the one he prepared with the four other executive members be discarded.

The development has generated serious mistrust and ill-feeling among the party's leadership and resulted in heated exchanges and near fisticuffs when the issue was raised at a Central Committee meeting held at the party headquarters at Asylum Down in Accra on Thursday January 22.

The CPP National Treasurer, Mike Eghan, CPP third Vice Chairperson, Araba Bentsi-Enchil, CPP running mate for 2008, Dr. Abu Sakara and CPP Chairman, Ladi Nylander were reported to have attended the said meeting which decided on the selection of names.

Party insiders say during the Thursday meeting, the party's National Women's Organiser raised the issue of the purported list and nearly exchanged blows with Dr. Sakara on the issue.

DAILY GUIDE learnt that proponents of the list explained that it was prepared on the strength of the fact that Dr. Nduom had been approached by President Mills to bring a list of CPP members who the flag bearer deemed qualified for positions in the new government.

The Central Committee members who spoke to DAILY GUIDE said the misunderstanding stemmed from the fact that the party had decided to remain neutral and not support either of the two leading parties in the country.

They said it is therefore improper for a few leading members to send a list of names to the NDC and do so in the name of the party and that if any party member wishes to occupy any government position, it should be done on an individual basis and not be made to look as if it were a party position.

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