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18.10.2007 NPP News

You’ve tried NDC and NPP, now try PNC


Three-time presidential candidate of the People's National Convention, (PNC) Dr. Edward Mahama, is urging Ghanaians to give the PNC the mandate to administer the country so they would realize a veritable change in their lives.

He told Joy News that after trying the National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party to no avail, it was time for Ghanaians to entrust the leadership of the country into the hands of a PNC-led administration.

“Basically there is a lot of disillusionment in Ghana, people say they won't vote again. Why? Because they don't see any sincerity in politicians and I have always said that my being a Christian influences my political life, my professional life as a doctor and my personal life. So one aspect of it is sincerity. I try to be sincere first with myself and with people with whom I deal; whether they are my patients or people I meet on the street or the political party I have led…”

Dr. Mahama is contesting the party's flagbearership for a fourth time, having already picked up nomination forms.

He told Joy News he was sure his party members would elect him to lead the PNC once again to Election 2008, promising that he would concentrate his policies on energy and especially for food production.

Dr. Mahama lamented that even though Ghana prides herself as an agro-based economy, with as many as 60 percent of her workforce in the industry, many Ghanaians cannot even afford a chicken, 'a cheap food item', per day.

“Food should be cheap. The average worker cannot eat two or three pieces of chicken a day. Chicken is one of the cheapest foods everywhere…and yet not every worker can afford to eat a chicken a day.”

He said in the early administration of the NPP, the government passed a law that would have boosted poultry production a great deal, however, the same government reversed the decision by parliament, while Nigeria nearby is self-sufficient in poultry production.

The PNC goes to Congress on November 30 in Bolgatanga to elect a flagbearer and according to Dr Edward Mahama, who contested the 1996, 2000 and 2004 elections on the ticket of the PNC, he would run a sincere and open administration if given the opportunity to lead Ghana.

He said even though the various political parties have been singing the same promises and subjects to the electorate, the delivery of those handed the mandate has been less than desirable.

“It boils down to individual integrity, it boils down to sincerity of purpose, it boils down to being open with people so they know where you want to take them and these are features that I think that I possess.”