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14.06.2007 Health

Nsuta Hospital gets ¢700m equipment donation


Mrs Susanne de Vries, wife of the deputy Managing Director of the Ghana Manganese Company (GMC), has presented hospital equipment valued at 700 million cedis to the Nsuta Hospital at a ceremony at Nsuta-Wassa.

The items, which included 16 beds, 4 stretchers, 6 bedside cabinets and mattresses, would be used in a newly renovated ward in the Hospital.

Mrs de Vries said she mooted the idea of supplying hospital equipment to help in the upkeep of hospitals when she was admitted to a hospital in Holland.

Discharged from Hospital Kempenhaeghe in Holland, Mrs De Vries contacted Mr Nico Mass, equipment manager of the Hospital to find out if it would be possible to donate hospital equipment to Nsuta Hospital.

She said upon agreement a container load of the equipment was shipped and GMC bore the cost of shipping and clearing the container.

Mrs de Vries said she visited Nsuta Hospital and was touched by the conditions there and promised to solicit more equipment to improve it.

Dr Scali Godfried Agodzo, resident medical officer said upon visiting the Hospital Mrs De Vries expressed her interest to help improve the facilities, hence her initiative to contact a hospital in Holland to procure the equipment.

According to Dr Agodzo, the woman has promised to help complete renovation work, which is ongoing at the Hospital.

Mr Rexford Agyeman Administrative Manager, GMC, said he was really overwhelmed with the equipment, which would improve the status of the Hospital adding, it was more than what was expected.

He disclosed that GMC had plans of changing all the beds in the Hospital.Miss Sophia Nyame, Matron, thanked Mrs. De Vies for the donation.