Jailing Aisha Huang Doesn't Change My Mind About The Judiciary's Corrupt Practices

Feature Article Jailing Aisha Huang Doesn't Change My Mind About The Judiciary's Corrupt Practices
DEC 5, 2023 LISTEN

Professor Frimpong Boateng's report on the nation's illegal mining, which has contaminated the major rivers in Ghana, including the Pra, and causing birth deformities, exposed many NPP politicians involved in the illegal activities, yet, nobody was prosecuted. Ghanaians were surprised when the Attorney General, Godfred Dame, came out and denounced the professor’s report, so why would the imprisonment of the Chinese woman, Aisha Huang, convince me that justice is not corrupt?

The Akufo Addo administration is lying to itself if it believes imprisoning Aisha Huang, would persuade Ghanaians that he is battling corruption and illicit mining in the nation. The judge, Justice Lydia Osei Marfo, claimed that the Galamsey queen had taken advantage of Ghana's hospitality. Aisha's recent entry into Ghana to start illicit mining was done by Ghanaians. She has been successful because there are powerful individuals who take money from here, mostly chiefs and politicians.

I have made numerous attempts to refrain from stating this, but I must remind the Akufo Addo administration that, as Ken Agyapong has proven, not one person in the NPP is intelligent. The president sat on the report for a very long time after Prof. Frimpong Boateng presented it to him because he knew that the report implicated other NPP politicians, including himself, until Kevin Taylor, the host of "Loud Silence TV," showed up to expose the president.

Under Akufo Addo, corruption in the NPP administration has grown by more than 500%, and despite daily illicit mining activity in the nation, nothing is being done to stop it. Does the justice system believe that locking this woman up proves they are doing a good job? What became of Eugene Arhin and Cecilia Dapaah, and all the other NPP politicians involved in serious corruption scandals? After committing such financial crimes, they are all living in peace and enjoying their crimes with impunity.

Just as unlawful mining has hurt people and the court wants to convince Ghanaians that they are now ready to fight it, they must also begin to fight corruption, since it has been the primary factor driving many in the nation into poverty. If justice is to be honored, corrupt politicians should also be imprisoned. Since Akufo Addo is aware of his corruption, he is always plotting actions that he hopes would persuade Ghanaians of his sincerity, even though he will never be until he dies.

It sounds too good to have the military show up and tell Ghanaians that they are safe and need not be afraid, but rather that they need their help to fight terrorism. I'm not sure when Ghana started to attract terrorists. Akufo Addo is preparing the army for a potential counter-coup attack, which he thinks may occur during the festive season of December because he is unable to sleep due to his awareness of his misdeeds and the harm he has caused to the country with his family.

There will always come a moment when the downtrodden can take no more, and no amount of strength or force can overcome them, for this reason, Ghanaians can’t be intimidated by either the terror army the president has created or the corrupt judges he has appointed. Akufo Addo should exercise caution if he is unable to stop his widespread corruption and the oppression of the people since the king's enemy originates from his own family.