Richard Ahiagbah Is Leading Potential NPP Avenues For Voter-Fraud To Rig The 2024 Elections

Feature Article Richard Ahiagbah Is Leading Potential NPP Avenues For Voter-Fraud To Rig The 2024 Elections

The NPP government’s back is against the wall, and they are aware that they will surely go to the opposition. Since they are not ready to go in peace and are experts in previous tainted election triumphant victories, they have recruited some NPP politicians, including the National Communication Director, Richard Ahiagbah, to discover possible avenues to falsify, do double registration, and register millions of fake voters that do not exist in reality, in preparation for the rigging of the 2024 presidential race.

It is now known that the NPP administration used terrorist acts, such as setting off dynamite, to scare away NDC voters, giving them the upper hand to obtain votes for the NPP party. This information is based on the secrets of some party members who have broken away from the party. Kennedy Agyapong, the fighter for his party's criminal activities, also accused that foreign nationals were brought in from other West African nations to vote unlawfully for the NPP party.

Another social media video with an irate father whose kids were arrested for duplicate registration piqued my curiosity. He claims that a few years ago, when his kids were just 12 and 14, he found out that the kids had been taken for registration when he got home from work. When he reported the situation to the EC's office, he was given the assurance that the names would be removed. Now that the children intended to register, double registration was discovered, and they were arrested.

This indicates that Jean Mensa neglected to remove the children's names to increase the number of votes for the NPP after the child's father reported the incident to the Electoral Commission. Since these election crimes did not happen during the times of Mr. Afari Gyan and Charlotte Osei, we as devout Ghanaians must question Jean Mensa's motivations for executing these electoral frauds. People are pleading with Ghanaians to cease pushing for a coup, even if all these immoralities are occurring silently.

Jean Mensa should have been forced to resign or spend a long time in prison because of the numerous crimes she has committed, including her ongoing abuse of the Constitution, which renders her ineligible to hold that office and poses a threat to democracy in any country where the judiciary is free from corruption and operates efficiently. Throughout the NPP government, votes were bought in the by-elections with impunity using cash and electrical devices like TV sets.

Richard Ahiagbah has been registered in Ketu South since 2000. Despite the fact that this man is Ewe, his membership in the ruling party has turned him into a self-centered individual who doesn't care to ruin the lives of other Ewe people to further the interests of his party. He claimed that because his biometrics failed during the 2023 voter registration process, he was there to resolve the problems. Richard Ahiagbah is as dishonest as Mahamudu Bawumia. He was there specifically to register twice, a crime that would boost the number of voters needed to rig the 2024 elections.

I must congratulate the officials who took bold steps to challenge Richard Ahiagbah. This is something every Ghanaian who wants our country to progress as a nation should emulate. Ghana is one of the richest countries in West Africa, with abundant resources including gold, diamonds, manganese, bauxite, oil, and valuable agricultural products such as cocoa. Yet, it remains the most difficult country to live in because of poor leadership under a gang of thieves calling themselves politicians.

The NPP has been employing illegal methods to boost voter turnout ahead of the elections, disregarding the potential consequences of any attempt to rig this year's presidential contest. Computers from the office of the Electoral Commission were reported missing a few weeks ago. Social media was rife with rumors that Jean Mensa, the electoral office's head, was behind the scheme to register undocumented voters to rig the upcoming presidential election in favor of the incompetent Bawumia.

Jean Mensa denied having anything to do with the missing laptops, but nobody believes her because she has perpetrated multiple electoral frauds without being held accountable. Although threatening someone is illegal, Jean Mensa's life is still in danger in Ghana. Many people want retribution from her, so she may taste her own medicine because she doesn't respect the people. I have been cautioning her that she will not be able to get away with election fraud this time around, in 2024.

This young man anchoring "Ghanaian Citizen TV" deserves praise for his excellent political insight.

I am happy to see that the majority of Ghanaians are no longer interested in Bawumia's lies, since they have realized how incompetent and responsible he is for Ghana’s economic doom. The corrupt writers can keep endorsing Bawumia through their deceptive writings, but if Akufo Addo attempts to force him on Ghanaians, there will be bloodshed in Ghana.

Since I am not a stranger to the ICC, Richard Ahiagbah and other NPP politicians, including Jean Mensa, Akufo Addo, and Bryan Acheampong, now have their names added to my list. Whenever political violence breaks out in the nation, I will alert the Hague-based International Criminal Court in Holland that these politicians bear responsibility for the political violence that has threatened Ghana's democracy, supported by archived and presented evidence that will ensure punishment.