You Wish To Become President Of Ghana, Discover How To Gain The Public's Support

Feature Article You Wish To Become President Of Ghana, Discover How To Gain The Public's Support

The lack of research into the educational backgrounds of politicians interested in holding positions in the country is one of the issues that have prevented Ghana from developing its leadership and economy. More importantly, a politician's family history of holding public office in Ghana does not guarantee that the politician will be beneficial to the nation. The best example is Akufo Addo; he shouldn’t have become president, despite his father's political and judicial background.

Bawumia's recognition as the people's choice to lead the country as president has been a very difficult task for him, not because Ghanaians hate him; rather, it is because he is the vice president and part of a government that has misled the people by failing to deliver on its promises to reduce unemployment, improve living standards, combat unprecedented levels of corruption in the nation's political history, and create jobs. As a result, many in Ghana now have serious doubts about Bawumia's sincerity.

This article's significance lies in the fact that it will help Ghanaian politicians who aspire to become president in the future by drawing valuable lessons from Bawumia's experience to succeed in their careers and lessen public resistance to their bid for the country's highest office. The surviving passengers won't accept being driven by the driver's mate after the driver who took over the wheel nearly eight years ago drove the group dangerously into the ocean.

To be a future president in Ghana, there are some things you need to be aware of, including being a charismatic leader. You should be able to clearly articulate your vision, set goals, and engage people in developmental projects. This should inspire people to trust and follow you in all circumstances.

Therefore, a leader needs to be responsible for his words and keep his promises; only then will there be trust and support from citizens.

In my post titled "30 Unfulfilled Promises of Bawumia, The Vice President," which was published on December 4, 2023, I explained why, in my view, it is illogical for a vice president who has not fulfilled over thirty of the commitments he made to Ghanaians to hold the office of president. I used to believe that Ghanaians are incredibly tolerant and easygoing, even when something is harmful to them, but I realized my mistake when the majority of Ghanaians saw that endorsing Bawumia as president was bad.

They have a reason because Bawumia is a member of the administration that pledged to make "Ghana the Dubai of Africa." More significantly, though, he has never once regretted admitting to lying in public; rather, he feels that lying in politics serves the interests of the people or is even required by the Constitution. This is because politicians like Akufo Addo and Jean Mensa continue to flout the law by acting as they please with the backing of Supreme Court justices.

As I previously stated, being honest and truthful with others is one of the finest ways to win their trust. Many Ghanaians find it upsetting because Bawumia keeps giving them bogus stories about how 2.5 million jobs have been created, while the people know it’s not true. For example, the ongoing depreciation of the Cedi calls into question the IMF's assertions that the economy is improving as a result of financial bailouts and the NPP's creation of 2.5 million jobs.

Being well-read, intelligent, inquisitive, compassionate, skilled in psychology, and able to provide for the needs of the populace without requiring them to fight for them makes someone a strong candidate for president. An ideal candidate for president who has the support of the majority would also be a leader who can assemble a capable group of committed individuals around him, motivate them to carry out different tasks and prioritize the state budget and economic growth.

Finally, a politician or ideal candidate who can win the presidency with little difficulty and no opposition is prepared to respect the public and listen to their complaints. The NPP government never has these two crucial variables in its best interests. Akufo Addo speaks disrespectfully to Ghanaians; politicians from Ghana who want to be president should avoid him.