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As a CEO, Human Resource Manager, or a management team concerned with the well-being and performance of your company's valuable workforce, you understand the importance of an effective staff welfare strategy.

There are three basic forms of welfare systems currently running in the organizational welfare product market:

1. DUAL-FUNDED SCHEMES: The type where contributions are sourced from both the employer and the employee. This type is an expense to the company because monies paid by the company are not recoupable. The staff gets all the benefits, and due to its mandatory nature, workers do not really appreciate it as a good done for them by the company.

2. SOLO-SOURCE FUNDED SCHEMES: Here, the company or institution willing to show responsibility pays money to - in most cases, a health insurance company. This type is also an expense to the company because monies paid by the company are not recoverable. Moreover, no value is derived until some of the staff requires medical care.

3. FUNDS PULLING: This is where the staff creates a welfare system for themselves by contributions from their salaries. In this scheme, a staff member is supported or receives support to take care of pressing needs on a loan basis.

In the realm of employee motivations, there are five key components that assure the staff of the company's care and concern for him or her. These include:

1. Periodic increments in salaries.
2. Rewarding extra effort
3. Compensating overtime.
4. Supporting skills and career development
5. Initiating recreational activities.

Motivating your workforce is crucial, and while the traditional welfare schemes have their merits - as mentioned above, they often come with significant non-recoverable recurring costs to the company, yet with insufficient value for the cost. This is where FlicoTrust steps in. By enrolling your employees onto our welfare platform, you redefine the entire approach to staff motivation, curbing the frequent demand for salary increments and overtime rewards. Our welfare solution provides an all-round financial cushion and safety net, ensuring peace of mind for workers in a reputable company like yours.

The unique advantage for a company that chooses FlicoTrust lies in its comprehensive model, providing adequate financial security and support to each staff. Unlike recurring contributions in other institutional welfare systems, FlicoTrust comes with the advantage of a one-time payment for each staff member. As a forward-thinking CEO, Human Resource Manager, or a management team seeking value for money spent, the Flico Advantage is incomparable. Moreover, your financial commitment to the Flico Advantage is not oan expense; it's an investment that yields returns with interest over time.

By periodically offering dividends to patrons (your staff) on our welfare platform through the FlicoTrust system, we're confident that your workforce will experience increased satisfaction and motivation. The actual value derived by your company from FlicoTrust is significant. The dividends received by the staff conveniently address the demand for overtime, especially for companies facing constraints in paying overtime.

If our dividends help manage or take care of the frequent demand for salary increments and the need for payment of overtime, your company now has a rare opportunity to save money for other critical investments, including financing a more effective recreational regime for the staff to keep them active and healthy. This, in turn, translates into a healthy workforce, ultimately boosting performance and productivity.

We propose that you consider adopting FlicoTrust's transformative solutions to elevate your company's staff welfare strategy.

Connect with us on 0240541740, and let's explore the possibilities together. Your initiative to enhance staff welfare could pave the way for a more motivated and productive workforce.

Thank you for considering FlicoTrust. We look forward to the opportunity to present our comprehensive welfare solution to you and your team, including the benefits for the staff when enrolled and the terms of recovering your investment with profit."

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