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Feature Article Be adaptive, curious, and never shy away from the uncharted. Your journey to growth starts with openness to new things. ' EmbraceChange Curiosity aPossiblePromise FlicoTrust KherssieBenjamin GetFlicoFirst
DEC 18, 2023 LISTEN
Be adaptive, curious, and never shy away from the uncharted. Your journey to growth starts with openness to new things. ðŸ'¡âœ¨ #EmbraceChange #Curiosity" #aPossiblePromise #FlicoTrust #KherssieBenjamin #GetFlicoFirst

In a flash 📸 a message dropped into my spirit and I quickly penned it.

He said that the dominant silent regret that's relegating people to the backstage in this era is the remorse of disregarding new things. New things that have become indispensable. Today, those who now have regrets are the ones who deemed things impossible, - I mean those who lacked vision in simple handy things (objects and concepts). They are those who chuckled when curious fingers were fidgeting with things that appeared irrelevant. They are those who lacked excitement and failed to get in the groove of exciting new things. I guess it's safe to call it "dead emotions", or perhaps "mental sluggishness"

It is an undeniable fact, that the rapid pace of change is generating more regrets than any other phenomenon of life.

The single solution is to BUILD A NEW YOU:
#Embrace NEWNESS.
#Cultivate CURIOSITY.
In totality, do not ignore new things:
#Draw close.
#Ask questions.
#Show interest.
#Be a learner.
Don't pretend to have it all because no one possesses any lasting skill. Many skills are becoming obsolete today. And certain aspects of many enduring skills are also becoming obsolete and backward.

What do you do? Quite simple:
Search, research, AND READ about new words, taglines, and catchphrases —they often signal change.

Explore new technologies; they reveal possible possibilities lurking around you. What's happening? Traditionally "lazy people" are building unassuming cultures that are dictating the course of modernity through these actions and are creating wealth out of it as well.

Confession: As I write, I look back and oh, lots of things have gone down the drain unaware.

At the tail end, my anchor, in all honesty, has been but the joy of reading and reading just about any readable content Nonetheless, don't forget to share your thoughts and ideas. They get shaped.

Don't be scared to voice out. Your lapses may end up being an enlightenment for even those you thought were ahead of you.

That can earn you secret admirers.
I'm done.
Comment, - Share, - and if possible Repost.
Kherssie Benjamin (FlicoTrust)
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