Gender-Based Violence: A Secure Workplace Goes Beyond Legal Obligations.

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DEC 1, 2023 LISTEN

Run, and run fast, - if the Freedom To Live, particularly in a workplace environment, appears as though it's a given. While men do suffer some amount of abuse and violence in the workplace, it would be absurd for me to attempt a balanced argument. I'm admonished to treat her as a 'weaker vessel' (1 Peter 3:7).

Buddy, listen and get it right: this doesn't mean she's not fit. It simply means you should allow her space for her to deliver on her mandate. You came first, so there's a high probability that you'll assume superiority. This shouldn't be the case. She's practically all-rounded and arguably fits in all human endeavors better than you, so chill and let life happen!

In today's dynamic professional landscape, creating a secure environment for all employees goes beyond legal obligations—it's a moral imperative. Navigating towards inclusivity demands a comprehensive approach that extends beyond policies. Constant sensitization emerges as a potent tool in shaping a workplace culture free from gender-based violence and abuses—particularly, and I emphasize particularly; concerning the feminine mystique.

This must be done to complement seasonal or periodic education on the ramifications of ill-treatment towards women ♀️. To emphasize this, the pursuit of a workplace rooted in empathy, and sensitization takes center stage. It goes beyond policy awareness, nurturing a profound respect and understanding among colleagues. By sensitizing employees to diverse experiences, we establish a workplace where everyone feels valued and, most importantly, safe.

Dispelling stereotypes is a critical aspect of this journey. Sensitization actively works towards breaking down ingrained biases, fostering an inclusive narrative that transcends gender lines. It's an acknowledgment that building a safe workplace is a shared responsibility, regardless of gender. Open dialogue becomes a powerful ally in the sensitization process. Encouraging conversations about the impact of gender-based violence creates spaces for individuals to share perspectives and experiences. This open communication not only enhances awareness but also strengthens the bonds among team members.

Sensitization is most effective when seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the workplace. It should be part of onboarding processes, woven into team-building activities, and ingrained in ongoing professional development. By making sensitization a natural part of daily interactions, its importance is reinforced, ensuring a lasting impact. Supportive resources are paramount in this holistic approach. Establishing confidential channels for reporting incidents, offering counseling services through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and collaborating with external organizations specializing in supporting survivors of violence form the backbone of a comprehensive support system.

In conclusion, the shift towards workplace safety involves a balanced approach that combines traditional education with sensitization. It's about recognizing that sensitization adds a layer of depth, cultivating empathy, and breaking down stereotypes. By seamlessly integrating sensitization into our workplaces, we create environments where every individual can thrive, free from the shadows of gender-based violence.

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