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NOV 30, 2023 LISTEN
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In the world of workplaces, where things are always changing, remember this: "The biggest problem in tough times isn't the tough times themselves. The problem is sticking to old ways of thinking." - says Peter Drucker. Think of a job like a big play, and everyone working there is an actor.

Drucker is basically saying that when things get unpredictable, it's not about the chaos but about how well everyone can adapt. It's like being in a play, but instead of using old scripts, it's time to come up with new and modern ideas.

Imagine a job where challenges are seen as exciting twists plots and schemes, not roadblocks. Instead of staying the same, it's about trying out new things and being flexible. Drucker wants both the main actors (employees) and the directors (employers) to know that in unpredictable times, being flexible is the key to success. Being flexible also fosters a unique system of growth that makes an establishment stand out in its industry which includes how the establishment cares for its workforce, - the very engine that makes it thrive.

Now, let's focus on the main actors—the employees. What shows real care from the bosses? It's not just about giving comfy chairs; it's about letting employees suggest new ideas, try out different ways of doing things, and sometimes go off-script when things don't go as planned. Good bosses understand that embracing the unknown can lead to really interesting stories that everyone, including clients and stakeholders, will enjoy.

In this kind of workplace, caring for employees isn't just a one-time thing; it's an ongoing effort. It's about recognizing that every employee is a unique part of the team, and the whole team works best when everyone is on the same page. Drucker's call for forward-thinking is like the secret recipe for creating a workplace that feels less like a stage and more like a group effort.

So, in the big show of work life, showing care for employees is like getting a loud round of applause. It's about creating a workplace that keeps changing for the better, where old ways of doing things are left behind, and everyone is moving forward together.

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