Sat, 28 Oct 2023 Feature Article

The Communist China

The Communist China

The Communist Party in China is reminiscent of the former Soviet Union. Both are Communists and have killed millions of Christians across the years. Now the Communist Party in China is using political propaganda to persuade Chinese Christians to abandon Christ. However, their efforts have not been successful.

The Chinese people are still coming to Christ in numbers. The Covid-16 has shattered their propaganda because they cannot find a panacea forr the Coronavirus.

The Roman Empire used similar propaganda to deter people from following Christ. In fact, they killed all the twelve disciples of Jesus except John who died a natural death. The question is, "Where is the Roman Empire today?"

The Roman Empire is history, but Christ and Christianity are alive and well. Christianity is thriving all over the world, but the Roman Empire is history. One day, the Communist Party in China will become just like the Soviet Union. The people will come to see the light and the deception of communism would crumble.