Thu, 07 Sep 2023 Feature Article

Time To Wake UP

Time To Wake UP

The sad part of our existence as Africans and Ghanaians is that we think the only way and the best approach to solving our financial and economic difficulties is to leave the African continent entirely for Europe and America. Africa has the potential to grow. We can be as rich and industrious as any continent, but we can only do it with the right leadership and the right ideology. Currently, we are lost, torn between the lion and the hyena.

God does not change the condition of people unless they change what is in themselves. The youth have become disgruntled and disenchanted with the current status quo. They are sick and tired of traditional westernized politicians who promise them sugar and always deliver salt to them.

8 out of 10 Ghanaians of today will leave the shores of our continent for greener pastures if presented with the right opportunity. People who can afford are paying between $14000 and $20000 to travel abroad. Our people are desperate. Our lives have deteriorated in the last 3 decades. Our only hope are the desperate journeys. Brain drain has worsened. The end of the tunnel looks dim. Recently, a medical doctor I know has left her job for a mere healthcare job in Europe.

This is our continent; this is where we have lived all our lives. This is where we intend to die. Africa is a free land, our land, the best land. The old colonialism is over, but a new colonialism has taken over.

This new colonialism is led by Western puppets ie westernized Africans, men who claim to promote democracy and development but who in reality promote western agenda and personal development.

I shall be back.
Paramza Kofi Hamza
[email protected]