NDC 2024, Dr Duffuor's Presidential Bid, NDC Reorganisation, Matters Arising

Feature Article NDC 2024, Dr Duffuor's Presidential Bid, NDC Reorganisation, Matters Arising
NOV 30, 2021 LISTEN

Looking at where we are today as a party and how financially weak we are currently and the kind of money and energy Mahama has put in the NDC in our last two unsuccessful presidential bids, I am really disappointed in the national leadership of the NDC in their continuous silence and tacit endorsement of the likes of Dr Kwabena Duffuor and and their unnecessary and ill timed presidential bids and open rants against Mahama's one term administration. In any case Mahama served only one term yet his legacy is there for all to see and to this day, Ghanaians continue to cherish him for what he did during his short tenure as the president of the Republic of Ghana.

To begin, let me say this here and now about our "failed" national executives who have turned lobbyists. Had Mahama not organised a thank you tour, the whole of 2021 would have gone wasted because the national executives of the NDC are sleeping on the job. As I write, they are even not sure where and how to begin our reorganisation. Despite Mahama losing 2020 elections he is still expected to fund our reorganisation from his personal pocket. Yes we know. What are you doing as executives to raise funds for the party? I know as a matter of fact that Kofi Adams, Sidii Abubakar and others raised over GHC2 million from the purchase of new member cards which was partly used to fund our last reorganisation. But today, you guys are hoping to cash on Dr Duffuor's perceived financial empire hence your tacit endorsement of his rants against Mahama. Which party does presidential campaign before reorganisation? Unbelievable! Right? Yet, some of you are saying we shouldn't talk? Aaaah! I don't subscribe to injustice and phony peace deals. The right thing must be done.

Well, one would have expected this piece of work to focus entirely on Dr Duffuor but no. There is no smoke without fire. Some people are being lazy and they think Duffuor could be the solution to their laziness. The NDC grassroots are in full support of the party and for that matter are willing to contribute their quota to the well being of the party. Till now absolute nothing is happening in terms of raising money from the members. Why did we elect you as national executives? And shamelessly, they even want to contest each other? Ah!

I have no problem with competition. This is one reason why some of us earlier on supported Prof. Joshua Alabi's bid for the NDC flagbearership for 2020 which of course did not go well. Around the time I supported Prof Alabi, I taught Mahama wouldn't contest and there were indications that Mahama camp would support Alabi. However today, Mahama has made it clear that he would contest 2024, so there should be no room for unnecessary internal wrangling in the name of democracy.

To be straight, it is undemocratic for any one to contest John Mahama right now and we ought to remove such thoughts from the minds of people by any means necessary.

To Dr Duffuor, no disrespect to him, I think he shouldn't waste our time. The only way he can regain his bank if this is what he wants then he should pray for Mahama to bring the NDC back to power because he knows deep in his heart that he stands no chance to win power for the NDC even 201000. If I were him, I would throw my all behind Mahama. Praising Akufo Addo and Bawumiah will not do him any good.

In conclusion, I am saying that the national executives of the NDC must stop their tacit endorsement of Dr Duffuor and an illegality since this is not time for presidential campaign. Our executives must wake up from their deep slumber and find money to fund our reorganisation. They should stop behaving as if they have kept some money with Mahama and therefore if Mahama for some reason doesn't pull the cash then alternatively they must encourage the likes of Dr Duffuor to contest him. This kind of communist inferior tactics will not end well for us all. The earlier they wake up the better. We know what they are doing. Let us all do the right thing in the interest of the NDC if we claim to love the party. I rest my case.

Credit: Hamza Paramza Massawdu