25.10.2023 Feature Article

Hamas is not sacking Israel from the promised land. The true narrative...

Hamas is not sacking Israel from the promised land. The true narrative...
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I just realized how ignorant lot of people especially Ghanaians are about the Israel/ Palestine conflict and the occupation of Palestinian lands by Israel. This is mind boggling considering the sheer amount of evidence available online even from Jews about this 75-year conflict.

You guys don't even know what this conflict is about rather sadly. It's about Israel violating a UN agreement on a two-state solution ie a state of Israel and a state of Palestine. This is where the problem began. Israel after getting their share of the land decided to intrude on parts of the areas belonging to Palestine. These areas until 2014 included Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem. In 2014, Israel decided to abandon Gaza but before they left, they barricaded Gaza, the reason Gaza is called open air prison. Nothing goes in or out of Gaza without the permission of Israel. It is reasonable for a Palestinian to approach the Gaza cage. The penalty for going near the Gaza cage is shoot to kill.

The second problem is that Palestinians in the occupied territories are subjected to martial law ie the Israelis treat them as they wish. They have no human rights. Their homes can be taken away at any time. To own a land in the occupied territories, an American Jew or British Jew or whatever can just just fly to West Bank and take a house belonging to an indigenous Palestinian and the Palestinian has no right to complain. In West Bank and East Jerusalem where Israel still occupies, in every 100 metres, there is a check point. The Israeli military has the free hand to seize any house in these areas and use them as military.

This conflict has nothing to do with a promised land. The Jews are already living on the promise land. However, they have stolen Palestinian lands in addition to the promised land with the help of Britain and the US.

The reasons above and many atrocities committed by the Israeli government is the reason why Israel is known as the only remaining apartheid state in the modern world.