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2023: Tribunal Will Not Declare Peter Obi as President, Freemasons to Mourn-Rev Obinna Akukwe

2023: Tribunal Will Not Declare Peter Obi as President, Freemasons to Mourn-Rev Obinna Akukwe
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Rev Obinna Akukwe, foremost Igbo Cleric, Activist and Columnist wants to Prophetically Warn the traumatized Nigerian Church that the 2023 Elections Petitions Tribunal will not declare Peter Obi, candidate of the Labour Party as President of Nigeria, and Freemasons will mourn the outcomes of the petitions.

Rev Obinna Akukwe is talking as a Prophet and will not entertain any nonsense from fake pastors and false prophets who deceived their members and congregation that God is about to reclaim the mandate of Peter Obi.

I have ascended the Mountain of Transfiguration once more where the gods interact as I did in September 2022, and have seen and been told that the Outcomes of the Presidential Elections Petitions Tribunal will. Not be favorable to Peter Obi. I also saw that tribunals will uphold most of the contentious governorship elections including Lagos, Rivers and Delta.

Rev Obinna Akukwe has spoken. If you claim you hear from God, declare your counsel. .

Recall that on the 26th of August 2022, I was taken to the Mountain of Transfiguration where I saw the battle for the Soul of Nigeria, I warned the corrupt and compromised Nigerian Church on the 10th and 17 th September 2022, a month after the visitation, that any Candidate they endorse will fail.

The compromised church leaders abused me, cursed me and carried on their endorsement of a particular candidate thereby beclouding the bright chances of the aspirant with their polluted prophetic decrees.

When the results of the elections were not favorable to them, they organized prayer sessions devoid of Gods approval to stop the inauguration of the incumbent President on the 29th of May, 2023, senseless prayer warfare. I dissociated from. They claimed that a certain interim government will usher in their preferred candidate, and I warned top church leaders in private, that there will be peaceful inauguration.

Now the compromised church is reeling out unapproved prophesies on how God will upturn the election results in Court tribunal in favor of Peter Obi. This is another false prophesy, and any church member who believes these trash will be disappointed, all through to the Supreme Court.

However, in my recent visits to the Mount of Transfiguration, I saw members of Labour Party, Freemasons and the Compromised Church angrily bemoaning and mourning the outcomes of the Presidential Elections Petition Tribunal. Some Grand Lodges were attributing their failure to three factors I will not elucidate since it is the internal affairs of the Masons.

Till then, Let the Church rid itself of false prophets, fake pastors, marine pastors, corrupt pastors and senseless prophesies and in the next election cycle , their choice candidate will triumph.

Rev Obinna Akukwe***Columnist, Activist, Church Leader

The excerpt of the September 10, 2022 message is replicated below;

"2023 Presidency: Any Candidate Endorsed by the Church Will Fail (Part 2) -Rev Obinna Akukwe

Published 11 months ago
on September 10, 2022
"Any candidate supported by the church in Nigeria in 2023 will fail. This is as revealed to me on the Mountain of Transfiguiration. In the Part 1 of this series released on the 26th of August, 2022, I gave the reasons as follows;

" (1) Church leaders who have sold their ministry to Marine Spirits, slept with mammy water at bar beach Lagos, sucked occult woman’s breast at Port Harcourt to grow their churches and finances, have lost the Spiritual Height to determine the fate of Nigeria.

"( 2) The Church is not in the picture. It is a captured entity. It is powerless, it has no candidate and anyone they claim to support, the Principalities will attack and pull down because they supped from the corrupt proceeds and fraternized with fallen spirits.

“The battle for the Soul of Nigeria is between Moderate Islam, Mystical Islam, Jihadist Islam and Freemasons.

"Buttressing further, since the church in Nigeria, despite prophetic warnings over time, became a partaker of corrupt loot from corrupt public officials, they lack the spiritual authority to ascend the Mount of Transfiguration where the destiny of nations are determined.

"Due to the absence of strong representation of the Nigerian hurch in the Mountain of Transfiguration, the destiny of Nigeria in 2023 will be determined by the following bodies of spirits:

(1) Moderate Islam
(2) Fundamentalist Islam
(3) Mystical Islam
(4) Freemasons
"The church has lost it. You cannot partake of the slice of cake of corrupt and occult politicians and come round to determine the trend of things.

" In 2015 The Church supported incumbent Goodluck Jonathan. They prayed for him in every Sacred Altar in Nigeria, RCCG, Winners Chapel, The Lord’s Chosen, Anglican Churches and many others and declared brimstone on anybody that thinks otherwise. At the end of the day he failed.

"IN 2019 The Church (apart from RCCG) supported former Vice President Atiku Abubakar. Bishop Oyedepo, Bishop Kukah and Sheikh Abubakar Gumi reconciled former President Obasanjo to his erstwhile deputy. Simultaneously, all manners of prayers were marshaled to install Atiku as next president in 2019, and at the end he failed.

“In 2023, The Church is following the same trajectory. Until the circumstances that made the church powerless is reversed, any candidate they put their insignia upon is headed for failure.

"Rev Obinna Akukwe will not entertain any discussion on this subject matter until February 2023 when the results of the rottenness of the church will be laid , any candidate banking on their support will fail".

(Rev Obinna Akukwe, Columnist, Activist, Church Leader, [email protected], @obinnaakukwe)