A youths’ summit is the panacea for youths’ insurgency

Feature Article A youths summit is the panacea for youths insurgency
JUN 30, 2023 LISTEN

A youths’ summit is a must for the soul of the nation.

Do you know the causes of the sudden rise of the Ohene Davids and Twene Jonases? Yes, some of their utterances are vile and venomous, nevertheless, they are gaining traction nationally and politically.

For years I have been trumpeting the urgency of a national youths’ summit annually;to allow the Ghanaian youths some latitude and leeway to contribute to the national agenda, discourse and to steer the direction of the nation. However, apparently, it always falls on deaf ears.

From the rate things are unfolding on social media and the conditions on the ground, the youths are boiling up with anger, frustration and desperation—literally—because of the lack of genuine avenues to channel their concerns and very legitimate grievances and visions for the future.

Unfortunately, we only use and need them to do our bidding during election time. However, until something drastic is done to bring the Ghanaian youths together, to map out the direction and aspirations of the nation, their volcanic reactions are going to be HOT and deadly.

They are ready to erupt any day now. And, the results will not be healthy for the soul of Ghana and anyone.

I really hate to be a prophet of doomsday ,but I can clearly see the signs on the wall, and it is not that pleasant at all.A youths’ SUMMIT is the only answer, if we really want to exhale a little bit down the road before things fall apart uncontrollably.

What is the hold up, while we have time to spare?

From , kwaku Adu-Gyamfi.
The author is a social commentator and a diehard citizen ( not a spectator) of this great nation.