18.05.2023 Feature Article

A Woman Presidency Is A Must

A Woman Presidency Is A Must
18.05.2023 LISTEN

Ghana will be better off if women are in charge in Ghana.

It's no longer a fashion to lie about everyday lives of women and what they can do to uplift the spirits and hopes of Ghanaians that have been in the doldrums--literally speaking -- for far too long.

Gone are the days when we pretended that caring for children and cooking meals were always rewarding enterprise. Gone are the days when we insisted that a real woman found it more satisfying to provide comfort for those who did great things in Ghana than do great things in Ghana herself. Given our current socioeconomic situations in Ghana, I honestly think and believe that women should be 'permitted'( I chose that word deliberately and provocatively,) to be ambitious, outspoken, strong and sure to run for the presidency of the land in this election cycle.

But, you can bet with your last cedi in your pocket that the professional male political chauvinists will not let their power go without a fight. However, they surely know damn well that a female president will do a damn better job than them.

Women are tired of being first ladies. Let them change positions with the male counterparts, so we can call their men " first gentle men".

In fact, women are very superior to men in so many respects .So they should not make a mistake to believe that they are equal to men. They are not, and they have never been. They are far, far, head of men. Do you need a proof?

Women have the ability to improve upon anything they come in contact with--including the lousy economy. Give her some sperm and she will single-handedly produce a beautiful ,bouncy baby. Give her a simple makeshift house and she will definitely turn it into a HOME ;where your soul can relax. Give her a basket full of grocery and she will produce a jaw -dropping and a mouth-watering meal.

Women have passed equality index --no debate about that ! So let's give them a chance and support to change the chromosome of politics in this nation, so as to make this nation live up to its glory and potentials .Women can definitely take us onto the socioeconomic promised land and make us laugh all the way to the bank with less sweat. We need women to turn our zillion tons of natural resources into wealth and provide real jobs by tapping the potential of the Volta lake ,so as to put a stop on Ghana's sons and daughters from being globetrotters .

When that happens we can all join hands at the Flag Star Square and sing the old Negro song,:" free at last, free at last..Thanks, God almighty, we're free at last...".

Stay tuned. Be blessed, educated and Informed.

From: Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi (Voice of reason)
* The author is a social commentator, a diehard defendant of the republic (a citizen ,not a spectator)