Mon, 19 Jun 2023 Feature Article

Building the Next Generation of Content Creators of Africa

Building the Next Generation of Content Creators of Africa

There are growing content creation opportunities for youth, teens and young adults across the Internet. African entrepreneurs must consistently practice creating, developing, and applying content to develop their digital skills. It is not about quantity, the power of quality of content is what matters.

Content creators, digital innovators, artistic creatives, bloggers, video bloggers and those with a passion to share their knowledge about Africa are important for changing the narratives, expand and magnify the voices of Africa. There are thousands of Africans that are sharing content, in the areas of educational inspiration, building communities, addressing social issues, content that addresses the power of diversity, equity and inclusivity. Building thought leadership and mentoring opportunities for youth teens and young adults across the African continent.

There is so much potential in Africa, not just with its abundance of natural resources, the "Human Capital" that is the most valuable capital that is available. African youth, teens, and young adults should not be forgotten in the process of building a better Africa of the future. Securing Africa as a continent that it's natural resources stopped being ravaged, stolen, and taken. Africa has amazing people of diversity, culture, generation, and historical significance.

Every African can make a difference in building an Africa that can help Africans grow. The best resources are the minds of the youth, teens and young adults that are so diverse they represent the very fabric of our global world. Africans are living, growing, influencing, and building educational opportunities in and out Africa. There are multiple opportunities to collaborate, cooperate and connect. Competition is not a key goal, but the growth of everyone, collaboration is key. Collectively Africa is the only continent that embraces all the colors of the diversity of the world, because Africa birthed all the colors of the world through its people, cultures and citizens.

The future of Africa is clear: to empower, encourage, educate and inspire each generation to be better. To stand on the shoulders of Africans before them that have made Africa a global influencer. Non-African history writers do not want the world to know the past power of Africa and try to hide facts so that not even Africans can belief their continent is rich in people that traveled the oceans before Europeans.

Africa had higher education centers before Europeans had schools of any kind and Africans were traveling the oceans long before Europeans understood the vastness of the waters around the world. Africa had a global presence and global influences before Europeans had soap and bathrooms.

Education is the key to Africa’s future, encouraging, inviting and empowering Africans to be the Creatives, the Artists, the Innovators of STEAM - Science Technology Engineering Arts Math. Not allowing foreign countries to come into Africa and tell Africans how to teach African children based on foreign ideas.

African people need to be careful because foreign nations will try to make them believe that the lands of Africa belong to others and should be taken away. There needs to be the growth of digital infrastructures so Africans from the North can communicate, collaborate, unite with Africans in the South. Africans in the East need to embrace their brothers and sisters to the West to build roads, railways, and transportation routes that strengthen partnerships, collaborations. All areas of Africa can embrace each other in brotherhood and sisterhood. Not as rivals, not as enemies, but in unity!!

There is a digital fiber optic internet infrastructure that can help everyone on the continent. Because of the lack of a physical infrastructure that leads to communities, cities, and villages many Africans do not have digital Wi-Fi access and sometimes lack the necessary power to make connections. Controlling these two influences can control the minds of millions of Africans. Technology is empowering, technology provides new ways to thinking, technology inspires creativity and inspires innovation.

There are growing collaborations helping to lead the way with partnership with other nations, establishing trade of merchandise and importantly with its scholars, innovators, and business ventures. Collaboration is more important today than competition. The youth, teens, and young adults of all of Africa can propel even into Space exploration and discovery if provided the opportunities. The other direction of exploring the oceans and seas for natural and sustainable resources in food, wind, and air for energy.

More can be accomplished if Africans can collaborate, cooperate and form partnerships in building companies, corporations, and businesses. Technology is helping entrepreneurs to be innovative in managing their businesses, but the need is there for dependable, reliable, and sustainable Internet access. Building the next generation of content creators can happen only if there is increased access to wireless resources like Smartphones and used to open digital doors of growth that can lead to prosperity for Africans.

The future is now with the growth of Web 2.0/Web 3.0/Web 4.0 and beyond. The future is bright for Africans that are learning and growing with digital tool like, AI, Metaverse and other applications and generative technologies. In order for Africa to achieve and be the place of majesty and might there needs to be equitable access to tools, platforms, and resources. These allow Africa to elevate to its proper place in the historic context that it should be.

William Jackson, M.Ed.
One Africa Forum Board Member
World Metaverse Council Member
Twitter @myquesttoteach