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Strategies that Africans Can Integrate into their Social Media Playbooks for 2024

Strategies that Africans Can Integrate into their Social Media Playbooks for 2024
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Africans across the transforming continent are sharing their content, broadcasting their ideas and experiences on multiple digital platforms. Web 2 and the growing Web 3 platforms have opened up so many opportunities for Africans across the continent to share their voices, market their skills and talents. This is expanding across the continent and data from the World Economic Forum. Digital technologies offer new avenues for economic growth in Africa by accelerating job creation, supporting access to public services by Smartphone usage and increasing productivity and innovation that help build small and medium businesses and inspire entrepreneurialism. Oct 28, 2022

Increasingly Africans, because of increased access to Wifi and Smartphones are building themselves into entrepreneurs and business owners that contribute to the economic growth.

The value is in building home grown businesses that improve communities, cities, villages and non-city communities.

There are social issues that are being focused on that anywhere there is freedom of speech, freedom of expression and social engagement it is being used to engage conversations across the continent. Africa is the youngest continent with a growing population of connected, collaborating and cooperating young adults that have aspirations of success and financial stability and influence.

As a STEAM+M educator of 33 years in public education: Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Metaverse. I have been teaching with 3 separate schools in Nigeria, Kenya and on the Board of Directors with One Africa Forum based in South Africa. Global and continental collaborations are increasing at a tremendous rate. What needs to happen is the growth of

telecommunications infrastructure that organizations like the ITU - International Telecommunication Union (ITU) that are seeking to help nations globally expand their Wifi and digital access to resources. Africa is a prime example where telecommunications stability and lower rates need to make the Internet, Metaverse, AI, VR and Metaverse easier access.

Africans can increasingly share their ideas and opinions on political, societal, economic and educational issues that directly affect them. They are "speaking" about the passions of their hearts and the weight of what is on their minds.

Sharing their unique and authentic content on diverse digital platforms is what Africans across the continent are learning how to do better because they have safe places to do this. Technology is about building relationships and creating opportunities for collaboration. These are areas that many societies focus on and even though they are separated by boundaries, boarders and geographical locations all that is needed is access to Wifi, a Smartphone, laptop or a tablet.

Content is being shared that inspires Africans passion to helping each other, building communities, and constructing stability in discussions where everyone is valued. Girls and women are learning their voices have power, purpose and share the passions of being allowed to be educated equally, paid equally, valued equally and offered opportunities in leadership like their male counterparts. The strategies listed aid in building social media branding and marketing that changes the vision of what the world sees Africa as and is growing to be as an influencer, inspiration, and innovators with digital tools.

1. Combining your social media postings as if the world is going to view your content that represents you and Africa. People should want to join you on your digital journey and make connections and collaborations.

2. When creating content take the time to read, review, rewrite, and revise what you have written. Grammar and spelling represent the type of person you are. If possible make conte in English and the native languages.

3 Incorporate different media from diverse platforms so you can reflect upon your content developing and empower your audience. Meet your audience on what they are on not just where you are.

4. Reflection is important, it is vital to think on your digital journey and consider your desired results. What is your mission and vision for your content and how can you help others.

5. Embrace the diversity of Africa, expand your ability to connect and engage with the diversity of your audiences.

6. Attend rooms that allow for sharing of ideas and concepts. No blogger/writer is an island to themselves, you should attend conferences, workshops and seminars both virtual and in-person when possible.

7. When writing remember your building relationships with others on a continental and global scale. You never know who or where people with connect with you.

8. Connect with others that you respect and admire, this inspires your creativity and literary growth. Communication is fundamental to academic and professional growth.

9. Storytelling paints a picture, use words that encourage the imagination and inspire content development.

10. When creating content understand that creation is a process, the more you create the better you get. Learn the language of the people you are writing to, there are over hundreds of languages across Africa, connect with at least 5 of them with your content.

11. Don’t be afraid to submit your content to newspapers, magazines and online sites to be published.

12. Keep your passion and excitement about your content powerful. It is an extension of who you are and what direction you are going.

13. Find your purpose and be authentically African.

14. Your content is an important part of who you are, what you're growing

into and how to expand your voice.
15. Starting off with a tradition blog, be willing to incorporate Microblogging, Podcasting, Vblogging, and other technologies that reach diverse audiences that are part of the African Diaspora.

16. The Earth is a global community, even if you're creating content towards a particular group be accepting of diversity and inclusivity.

17.Never doubt your ability to grow beyond where you are your voice is your key to success and influence.

18. Never use your content to spread racism, prejudice, hate, sexism, or hateful speech. This will damage your Brand and your reputation.

19. Never be a divider of people, aim to be a unifying element on a global scale that benefits Africa.

20. Be careful of who you associate with, this will influence future relationships, associations and collaborations.

21. Never let people throw shade on your picture of yourself. Be comfortable in your own skin and who you represent.

22. Freedom of speech is a human right, be careful of how you share your voice and where you share.

23. Think before you post replies to what others have stated. Sometimes silence is more powerful than words.

24. Be careful and protect your intellectual property, don’t plagiarize, and copy others. Be sure

to give others credit for their ideas.
25. Remember your content is making history each time you post so post wisely.

William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest to Teach & MetaverseWP

Metaverse Education Program Director World Metaverse Council