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Technology Showcase Empowers PEARLS to Participate in Masaka, Uganda

Technology Showcase Empowers PEARLS to Participate in Masaka, Uganda

Technology can bridge and overcome the gaps of borders, boundaries, oceans, seas, and time zones. The upcoming WordPress in Education Showcase 2024 in Masaka, Uganda will be exciting and showcase the creative works of African students in secondary schools in Masaka, Uganda.

One of the sponsors and will be attended by William and Aida Jackson of MetaverseWP and LoveBuilt Life LLC respectively of Jacksonville, Florida USA.

Black owned businesses based in Jacksonville, involved globally with the blending of business and education with Metaverse and AI Education. To empower youth and teens to real world opportunities applying AI, VR, Podcasting and Metaverse. Africa is the key focus because of the great potential of African youth, teens, and young adults.

They have been invited to teach and sponsor events across Africa since 2018 and involving schools in Jacksonville, Florida to collaborate. The PEARLS of Tristan's Academy are honored to be invited to participate with a project in the Showcase with their Podcast. The activity will be virtually across the Internet and Immersive Environments on the Metaverse. This is the first time Africa will experience an event just for Secondary students. The Showcase held in Masaka, Uganda, Africa, April 6th, 2024, is an event where students from schools in Masaka will share their works created in WordPress Web Development that involve Web Development, AI Discovery, Metaverse / Avatar creation, E-Commerce, The Arts, Podcasting and Business Development.

This event is important by encouraging youth and teens across Masaka, Uganda are important because of the economic challenges that are faced and the educational differences where primary and elementary education is free, but secondary education, 9th thru 12 grades are not. Parents have to pay for their children’s secondary education. If they do not have the funds, students are forced to work in factories, labor camps, in the agriculture fields of massive farms or work for companies where labor is dangerous and harsh. Because of technology African boys and girls have new opportunities to be business owners and entrepreneurs.

African students are not provided the options that American students have of a free educational system where they are taught, and feed a breakfast, and lunch. Technology events and conferences like these are important for African youth and teens to establish careers early, create networks to build themselves as entrepreneurs and business owners.

Technology opens doors that allow students like those in the PEARLS and Tristan's Academy to be engaged in business, networking, collaborate and grow globally. To be global learners and see the world and its challenges early that build the importance of education and where it can take them and the priority of knowing how to read, comprehend, write, and see the importance of mathematics. This Black History Month in the United States is another step for Black students to be involved and engaged globally and to build on Black History 365 and share with the African Diaspora.

The Podcast by the PEARLS will be shown and help to inspire the students in Masaka, Uganda and across Africa to be the best they can be and know they have support from the PEARLS of Tristan’s Academy.

Visit the web sites, metaverse sites and podcasts that will share what great things African students will be building, creating, developing and speaking using diverse technologies.

Podcasting can significantly benefit African secondary students in Masaka, Uganda, by enhancing their technology skills. Through podcasting, students can access diverse educational content, including tutorials, interviews with tech professionals, and discussions on relevant topics.

William Jackson of MetaverseWP is working on a collaboration with PEARLS PODCAST of the United States and the secondary students across Masaka that are participating in the Showcase. This medium provides a dynamic and engaging platform for learning, fostering creativity and critical thinking. Students can create their podcasts, honing their digital literacy, communication, and presentation skills. Podcasting offers a global perspective, connecting students with the broader tech community and exposing them to innovative ideas and practices. By embracing podcasting as an educational tool, Masaka's students can bridge the digital divide, empowering themselves with practical technology skills crucial for future success in the increasingly tech-driven world.

This will be the first time that students from Jacksonville, Florida and students from Masaka, Uganda will be working together. Truly making Black and African History.

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