Sat, 13 May 2023 Feature Article

I Have A Dream

I Have A Dream

Chocolate City near Accra 
Chocolate Trail all across Ghana 
Chocolate world championships in Kumasi 
Chocolates that are the best in the world 
Chocolate lovers as tourists 
Chocolate sponsors of cocoa trees 
Chocolate cooperative companies 
Chocolate festivals and parades 
Chocolate trees embrace vanilla for high profit 
Chocolate is in the blood of all Ghanaians 
Chocolate Experts lecturing the world 
Chocolate proud nation 
Chocolate hero 
Oh gosh, I am just dreaming. Ghana will never permit it rather kills dreams. 
NB: thanks folks for your concern. Don't worry about me. I am back to reality.

Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

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