Mon, 06 Mar 2023 Feature Article

African spirits destroy African societies

African spirits destroy African societies

It was agreed my wife's father was supposed to come for four week's holiday to Hamburg, Germany. We booked from Hamburg an appointment with the German Embassy in Accra, Ghana, and got a healthcare certificate, Obligation certificate, etc.. All documents were sent via WhatsApp to her two well-educated brothers Seth and Gideon to print them out and guide 74-year-old Father Joseph to the German Embassy later this month. At the same time, several packed bags with food items and clothes were about to arrive.

Seth lives with his parents and eats from the money my wife sends monthly to her parents she even pays for his schooling which I always opposed knowing the outcome over time. Seth refused to print out the documents claiming his sister has no right to command him, he would not do it for a sister with lesser education than him (my wife in Ghana was a trained fashion designer and seamstress with her own small business). Fighting started. Each hour of heated phone conversations between Hamburg and Kumasi followed. More people got involved.

Alberta Jr. named after my wife lived together with her grandparents in support of her grandparents and Seth a girl in Secondary School unable to understand the whole situation. While Mother Mary, the mother of my wife turned against my wife in support of the son Seth phone lines got blocked.

The heat of the situation ended up being that my wife refused to send the monthly money knowing the time would come they would beg for money. Alberta Jr. refused for one week to vacate her grandparent's apartment saying she still has some savings and therefore no need to return home to her family and father Eric.

Meanwhile, the six big bags arrived in Kumasi for the parents of my wife. Seth picked them up. My wife instructed without her go ahead they were not supposed to be opened. Alberta Jr. eventually run out of money and as my wife pays for her schooling eventually returned back to her father Eric. When the bags from Germany were in the house of father Joseph and mother Marry my wife asked Alberta Jr. on her behalf to open the bags and sort them accordingly to the designated family members.

On her way, she met Seth halfway and he ordered her to return back to her father Eric's house. Hours of heated phone calls between Kumasi and Hamburg followed. Hours later Alberta Jr. went again to the house of her grandparents to do as she was instructed by my wife and her father, after all, goods for her family were inside the bags. In the house Seth confronted her saying she will not touch the bags and that if Eric would dare to come he would kill him right there with a knife. Blood was in the air. Mother Mary still supported Seth while father Joseph stayed mute not a word of a father, not slapping Seth for his words and actions.

Evil spirits of destruction only have a chance to be successful when people allow the spirits to use them. In the white society, such African spirits do not find food and water to survive and spread around the societies. Only Africans themselves can fight the evil spirits that hunt and reign over them but we whites must understand the African reality behind historic, and contemporary facts and smiling faces.

Otherwise, we whites will always fail and be judged by history as in the end useless helpers.