What Makes You Think That You Are Qualified To Be Ghana's President?

Feature Article What Makes You Think That You Are Qualified To Be Ghana's President?
FEB 7, 2023 LISTEN

Many claim that everything is possible in Africa because, on that continent, things that often occur are not seen in developed countries. That’s true, if it's typical to see individuals over the age of sixty or seventy in possession of birth certificates indicating that they were born in the 1950s and 1960s, and false certificates, then it’s possible that everyone can be a president in Ghana.

Aspiring to the highest office is not a bad thing, but why do politicians who are a part of this damaging and inept NPP government think they are qualified to hold the role of president?

It will take a million years for Africans to be respected by the white man because many of them don't think and genuinely don't value themselves. In abundance of resources, Africa is threatened by poverty, therefore; Africans are perceived by many white people as dumb beings wandering across the surface of the earth.


Only around 1% of African politicians are truly motivated by a desire to help the underprivileged; the other 99% are motivated by corruption.

Years after Apartheid, the end of colonialism, and the liberation of slavery, African leaders continue to demonstrate that they cannot govern themselves. Even though we have the resources, the continent is unable to use them to build a viable economy.

Imagine that Nana Akufo Addo, the president of Ghana, asked a German official to serve as a mediator just two days ago to encourage China to support the nation in its debt restructuring effort. What purpose does independence serve if Ghanaian politicians still struggle to solve their problems, more than 65 years after being independent?

Many of the NPP politicians running for president would be disqualified in many underdeveloped nations, let alone developed nations because they have previously shown themselves to be lacking in the knowledge necessary to govern as competent leaders. These are a few of the reasons why black people never receive the respect and attention they merit as people.

The continent of Africa and its leaders are fundamentally flawed. Many people will neglect their developing nations in favor of diverting state funds to foreign accounts and seeking medical attention in industrialized nations when they are ill.

Education has a huge impact on a person's readiness for a career in politics or as president. If we look at the wider picture, for instance, we will see that many high-ranking government officials, such as ministers, governors, and lawyers, frequently become presidents.

The president is nearly always educated in law or economics in both developed and developing nations. In industrialized nations, getting a law education at the best university is the fastest way to become president.

The president needs to develop into a true leader with a powerful spirit and a rock-solid foundation. It is not sufficient to be legally astute, to be a brilliant thinker, and to comprehend how the economy, industry, and other domains operate.

You'll need decision-making skills to put your plans into action rather than just advocating for higher pay, better pensions, and lower taxes, also need to develop an action plan that calls for bolstering the state and sticking to it scrupulously.

Since nothing in Africa functions, it is typical to see wealthy, ignorant, or criminally or tax-fraudulent individuals continue to pursue their goals of becoming president unhindered by the law. That is one of the reasons that, despite the continent's wealth, Africa lags in everything.

Even though it is required for a politician to provide the government with income information, that of his or her spouse, and the property owners of every member of the family, in Ghana, little attention is given to that requirement. As a result, politicians illegally amass wealth, which prevents the general populace from leading better lives.

Tribalism has devastated Ghana, thus wise Ghanaians should banish it from politics. Ghana needs a leader who is effective, competent, and motivated by the development.