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Ghana: Once A Republic, Now A Pranked Nation

Ghana: Once A Republic, Now A Pranked Nation
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Perhaps, one of the most callous pranks ever carried out was that which claimed the life of the senior brother of the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, who died in the hands of pranksters in the most gruesome manner the world has ever seen.

President Akufo Addo has carelessly and recklessly pranked Ghana to her death!

What happened was that, Kim Jong-nam, believed to have been working with the CIA, got assassinated by agents of his younger brother at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia through stunts of a prank.

The assassins got to the airport earlier than Kim Jung-Nam and recruited two young ladies to help them create content for youtubing which involved smearing of unidentified cream on the faces of victims only chosen by their employers.

Initially, they started with known creams familiar with the ladies until when Kim Jung-Nam surfaced at the Airport. The assassins then ordered the deadly cream be smeared on Kim Jung-Nam's face. Immediately, Kim Jung-Nam paralyzed and by the time an Ambulance could be called, he had already become the "guest of God". He died.

The ladies had no idea what they had been recruited to do. It was a prank Gone Wrong we say. Deliberately.

Fellow Ghanaians, with the dying cacophonous songs, the fading and jading jingles of one-million-one-constituency, 1-village-1-dam, 1-district-1-factory, among other misplaced projects that have left nothing but a gargantuan debt of more than 400 billion on the back of a profusely bleeding and groaning nation, one is left with no description for Ghanaians about the six years economic scam by Akufo Addo's elephant-size government than to say, "sorry Ghanaians, you have been pranked and scammed!”

Exactly what professor Steve Hanke of Johns Hopkins University postulated. For him, if Ghanaians would wake up from their slumber to counter their open enemy it will inure to their survival of the current nauseating economic doldrums because of subterfuges. “Akufo Addo’s promises have never and will never hold water” he said.

And indeed many Ghanaians are wishing that eventually someone, probably their spouses, would tell them everything was a prank, or be waken up from these six years of governmental hell, misadventure, mess, and nightmare which has made President Akufo Addo worse than Aisha Huang!

Ghanaians would never forgive this costly pranks that duped them not only of their cash, but also their honor, dignity, and integrity.

There is a fictitious story in our local parlance often told of a Kwaku Ananse (a character in Ghanaian drama who always wants to outsmart everybody and often end up badly hurt) who called upon his friends to go on a hunting expedition together. When they got to the jungle, there was a pride of lions gathered around a carcass of a Buffalo feasting. He asked his friends to help drive the lions away. Afterwards, he cut the thigh of the Buffalo and said, "this would be enough for me and my family for a couple days. Please let's go back home." Then began to go home. What is the catch of his friends or what shall be okay for them and their families too didn't matter to him. For he has gotten his own food at the peril of others.

This is a classic example of the Akufo Addo's government that never shies away from using Ghana and her children as "collateral" for incessant borrowing spree in order for family and friends to loot among themselves.

Is this a prank or scam?

Fellow Ghanaians, this is a flagrant contempt for the cognitive capabilities of Ghanaians by the Akufo Addo's government. Since its advent almost six years ago, it has meticulously used dubious, bogus, and completely meaningless slogans to dupe the nation.

A resilient and fastest growing economy in the whole wide world quickly diminished like a marginal cost curve in the Long-run. How? What is economy built for?

You see, you can't give what you don't have. Under President Akufo Addo, one finds a direct correlation between the common commonality that exists between diapers and politicians on one hand, and the Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect on the other.

A mere butterfly flapped its wings in the Amazon Forest led to the formation of a devastating tornado in Europe!

Whilst there's an inevitability of a "change factor" unambiguously associated with diapers and politicians, small things leading to bigger matters is greatly associated with the Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect.

The correlation becomes more inevitably linked and spiced up when X-rayed through the prism of MIT (the Male Idiot Theory). But critical observation would tell you that the greatest motivator of MIT is corruption; the desire to reap where one doesn't sow.

Nonetheless, when the love for proceeds of corruption pushes conscienceless men to Prank their nation into plunder, marauding, and robbery of their financial resources, doom and gloom begin to loom larger.

In connection with this, Ernest Hemingway said that "the first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. And both, he said, bring a temporary prosperity; yet both also will eventually bring a permanent ruin..."

On his part, Karl Kraus somewhat agrees with Hemingway. For him, "corruption is worse than prostitution; while the latter might have the proclivity of endangering the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country."

Fellow Ghanaians, former President John Agyakum Kufuor was right. The former President has been vindicated by the conduct of president Akufo Addo, who, as a lawyer, a former Justice crusader and Minister, has actually institutionalized and legitimized corruption through the instrumentality of "Kalebule" projects. A prank.

It's refreshing and chilling that his own apparatchiks like Kwame Baffoe alias Abronye DC are unapologetically confessing that President Akufo Addo portends evil for this country. And for some of these former chronic sycophants and terminal idiots of the President, their lives are actually worst off under his watch.

Could this be a prank or what. It is a deception.

Today, President Akufo Addo has been undressed from his borrowed robes by people who know him from within.

And when a Tilapia comes out of a river and claims the crocodile has only one eye, a monkey has no business in debating such claims. Likewise, if all the animals of the jungle decide to elect the lion as their King, an octopus in the sea must not join protesters who want the Elephant as the King of the forest instead.

From Aisha Huang repackaged denizenship back to the country, the summarily dismissal of corrupt government officials like the Custom Boss, which the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) believed was done by the government in such a jiffy in order to avoid further exposé of the depth of the rot and loot; and the President's unavowed abuse and misuse of public funds on unnecessary trips and jetting around the globe, one sees nothing but a looming disaster of civil and political unrest in a pranked nation.

As the second worse country (or a near failed nation on earth, second only to Sri Lanka) Ghana's tormentors don't see the need to "jump" and they ain't ready to "be pushed".

We must all keep our gunpowder dry.

Meanwhile, the recent flirtations with the IMF Boss, Ms Kristalina Georgieva, by Ghana's finance minister, Ken Ofori Atta, on his medical asylum in the USA, appears the latest strategy deployed to further prank the good citizens of this country. Sooner after their pictures popped up on the social media, the news of IMF so-called vindication of Dr. Bawumia's blaming of Russia-Ukraine war and Covid-19 as true cause of Ghana's mess surfaced. What impudence?

Ms Georgieva and the IMF did not ask the Finance Minister what they have done with the over more than 30 billion Covid-19 funds domestically and internationally raised; the two billion dollars the IMF gave Ghana government was not asked for by the IMF Boss what did Ofori Atta use that money for.

Well, someone must disclose to that pretty woman about President Akufu Addo's unstable libido before it's too late. Our "presidency", both in the air and in Accra, is gradually becoming a brothel due to President Akufu Addo's penchant for exotic romance. But I trust in Hon. Ken Ofori Atta. The man is smart at borrowing through Euro bonds for the benefits of DataBank, he may not be a presidential pimp.

Nevertheless, the enormous love the Flagstaff House waxes for him has been questioned by many; it can't be for the sake of his talent in economic mismanagement. Birds of the same furthers flock together: Like uncle, like nephew.

I don't think the Finance Minister would ever run his own company DataBank like the way he and his uncle run Ghana neither allows anybody to run it in such a manner.

President Akufo Addo must be reminded of the old adage that "if God didn't create you as a wearer of shoes and you buy one, it is taken by dogs."

To conclude, one thing majority of people don't know is that, just for the sake of only one person, an entire nation or empire could crumble and perish! And the vice versa.

President Akufo Addo could be the reason for our present turbulence. The man is unfit as President of a Republic. However, his government shall serve as a lesson to any prospective electoral heist organizer.

The pain of electoral robbery of his opponents shall continue to hunt him. Since the magic justice by the Supreme court after the last election, President Akufo Addo and his “strong economy” has been a shadow of himself.

God has rendered his efforts in vain and has made them a mere prank after six years.

In Sha Allah, I Shall Return.