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Rejoinder: Denounce Support For Kufuor - CPP to Nduom

Rejoinder: Denounce Support For Kufuor - CPP to Nduom
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The above topic makes some interesting reading and reading it I couldn't help laughing. The world of politics, maybe we are yet to understand it. NDUOM: A BONE OF CONTENTION BETWEEM JAK AND CPP.

Really he has become. When one is buried in ideology it becomes difficult to understand others or face reality. Time and time again people have called on the CPP to forget fielding a presidential candidate for the 2004 elections and concentrate on win parliamentary seats. This school of thought believe that, with many MPs it will be a good platform to organize at the grass root to prepare for the 2008 elections. Money saved from not fielding a presidential candidate can be used to campaign for the 2008 elections. Fortunately or unfortunately (whatever) believers of this school of thought are seen as the enemies of the CPP. Another school of thought has it that it is important the CPP presents a presidential and parliamentary candidates for the 2004 elections. They believe it is not likely that the CPP will win the presidential seat but it be a good marketing avenue for the candidate. This is on the assumption that if only and only if that candidate would be maintained for the 2008 elections. Let me quickly say this situations for every particular elections are not the same. Will candidate for the 2004 presidential elections be suitable or acceptable for the 2008 elections? This question may be answered from a backdrop that issues and situations might have changed.

Let's consider this American example: After the Democratic party lost the 2000 election to the Republicans with Bush (Jnr.) becoming the president, the presidential candidate of the Democrats Al Gore said his running mate Joe Liebermann (Jaw) was the best person to become the next president of the USA.

When the various aspirants started campaign for presidential slot of the Democratic Party all the people thought Al Gore was going to endorse Liebermann. Surprisingly, he endorsed.Haward Dean. (By the way John Kerry is the front runner now with all the other candidates pulling out of the race). Why that u-turn by Al Gore? He had this to say: 'Situation and issues have changed and that Haward Dean has brought the spirit of debate and the party back as stronger than before. He is the person who has stood by the issues against President Bush'. So, the political scene can be as dynamic as anything. There is a latter day school of thought that believe in each one for himself and God for as all. They say let the CPP do whatever it wants to do, but take the praise or blame solely. Back to the Nduom, JAK and CPP rumpus:

DR.P.K.Nduom is of the first school of thought if I am right to say that. He and others think the CPP is not that organized and ready for a presidential slot for the 2004 elections. Nduom has declared consistently that he will back President Kufuor's bid for a second term because he feels the CPP has too much work to do before it can form a ruling government. I may not know what is/are the constitution of the CPP. What I can say from the CPP call for Nduom to denounce his support for President John Agyekum Kufour's 2nd term bid in office shows we have a long way to go. Because of a party's constitution one cannot see any thing good in any other party. People refuse to speak the truth because of the constitution of their political party. Maybe it is situation of once you have accepted to be in a particular political party then is like do as the 'master says'. Nduom's position is a bit tough considering our environment. But has the CPP also considered other options especially that of the first school of thought in the piece. CPP national chairman Edmund Delle told JoyNews that Nduom's public declaration of support for the presidential candidate of a rival party was an insult to the CPP. This could be true or false but the question we all should try to answer is that, is the CPP truly and really organized to win the 2004 Presidential election? If Nduom's support for JAK, people concluded that he was to given the KEEA seat to contest on the ticket of the NPP. Political analysts say the NPP's decision to filed a candidate in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem constituency which is occupied by the NDC is a stab in the back for Nduom.“ That the NPP has not backed Nduom is good riddance. He has not shown respect to the party and deserves what he has. How can you say you are a member of a political party with a presidential candidate and say you won't vote for him but you will vote for someone else? It is a grievous mistake. Our constitution is clear. Any member of our party who works publicly against our interest must be sanctioned.” the state asserted. Thus it mean when you are from a party A and serving on the government of party B then it means you have to be politically rewarded? What is more rewarding in a young democracy then being calling by a government to serve the people on its administration though you are from another political party? With the NPP's general secretary Dan Botwe's defense on the party's decision the issue has been blown wide open for more debate. “We asked NPP members interested in the seat to file for the primaries and Nduom didn't. What is the argument? That because Nduom has served in the NPP government, everything should be stopped for him to become parliamentary candidate as a reward?” Democracy. Isn't it? Why did Nduom not file to contest on the ticket of the NPP? What is it? Wants to go CPP, or independent? The NPP electing a candidate, is it to test the political waters of KEEA? Has the CPP any options to deal with Nduom? Yes. If nothing at all he can be sacked from the party. If the CPP cannot do that then to me it means he is very important to the party. Fact is which of the following comes first to the CPP: Nduom's personality or his ideas? It looks like the problem is how to identify the problem. Whatever the situation there will be calm after the storm. he CPP would have to solve this problem in an in-house manner rather then always going public. Certain people go with Nduom wherever he goes and others will not. Remember politics is played in a human institution and as such one has to be careful and tactful. My worry for this long talk is can anybody force Nduom to denounce JAK? Let me end by saying that a man who stands for nothing falls for anything. The little I know about Dr. Paa Kwesi Ndoum is that he is principled, knows what he is about and stands for them. What are we learning or learnt from the Nduom Case? This issue is really a case study for our democracy, that people can say my party parliamentary candidate is not good so I am going to vote for the other person and vote for my party's presidential candidate and vice-versa. My party is not ready to form a government so let me vote for the other party as we organize for the next elections. Better we make it serve as a good lesson than just to fight about it. Good luck.

Papa Yaw Austell, Georgia. USA.

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