On Progress, Africa is not too late; it is just on time, but how?

Feature Article On Progress, Africa is not too late; it is just on time, but how?
OCT 25, 2021 LISTEN

On progress, Africa is not too late; it is just on time, but how? The definition of the term ‘progress’ used in the realm of economies of the world is already on the block with its head bent down. Is it time to chop? Right now, post pandemic economies of the world are on real live tactical battlefields facing harsh realities, challenging academic theories and insta-print-currency-based, make-feel-good abstract economies. After all, answers hidden in national mobilization of entrepreneurialism as new pragmatic thinking is emerging. Africa has so much untapped potential, therefore, leadership at national level must rapidly identify, claim ownership to hidden talents, prove digitization and innovative presence of time, deploy and mobilize national entrepreneurialism, now needed is the execution. Is Africa right on time

Today, across the continent, all political leaders plus all frontline economic development agencies, openly supporting small medium businesses and anxious to create entrepreneurial mindset economies, so what is stopping real mobilization? All is possible, as all is available via global access and technology bouncing with African talents. So how do you discover such hotspots and activate a mobilization launch and where do you find a starting mindset?

It is about time for rolled-up theories and shelved ideas to come into live action; deliver fast or get off the stage. African nations must organize and optimize hidden talents, identify entrepreneurial citizenry, place midsize high-potential businesses on digital platforms of innovative excellence and connect with unlimited resources. Absence of such synchronization will keep nations stuck on uplift growth. Such maneuvers are not a rocket-science for an entrepreneurial mindset. They only become by-products of national leadership in action. So who will do this?

Declaration of national mandates with meritocratic team selections, rediscovering all diverse resources plus agricultural sectors across the continent creating goods and services and new products for the global trades. Of course, critically needed are the front line upskilling and lifelong learning as a national agenda. Bold and authoritative narratives should connect the missing links and bring thought leadership under a giant umbrella producing digitized large-scale national actionable plans. Such deployments are not new funding dependent as they are mobilization hungry and execution starved. So what is next?

The African continent is already entrepreneurial-laced, diverse, creative and vibrant with youthful energy. Missing are the deployment-ready-programs based on specific solutions on uplifting local untapped entrepreneurial talents, women entrepreneurs and innovative exportability for the wide open consuming world of some 200 countries. Where do you start, and what to do today?

Scattered across nations, Africa already has successfully proven massive numbers of locally developed enterprises, big, small, young and old, successful family businesses, and many new and next generation entrepreneurs ready to carry the legacy forward. Small businesses always become large by expanding middle management. Study the once world’s most super successful entrepreneurial grassroots prosperity model of the 50s in America, when small manufacturing and small trading created the critical mass of the largest productivity ever achieved by a nation in the history of civilization.

Africa is ready in many emerging regions to start such deployments; almost free access to technologies allows small businesses and small manufacturing to operate internationally and reach global markets with little or no costs. What happened now to the USA and western economies is another topic. What is important for African economic development to avoid opportunity losses? What is critically required to create SME to shift towards midsize operations and midsize operations to shift towards large and global businesses?

Why is middle management expansion the only way to expand globally? Furthermore, very ‘often’ not the new funding but ‘always’ the skills to build, manage and grow good managers will achieve that. If entrepreneurial thinking is the real driver then remember academic and diverse mindsets follow and help structure the middle management and enlarge the organization. Deep study of such analysis is a perquisite. Is there a right mindset for such entrepreneurial growth currently present at the national economic development agencies, and what will help to bring various mindsets to function as a team? Why needed are the critical starting points, debates and discussions?

What African Nations need today to uplift entrepreneurialism at global age standards. To start national mobilization of entrepreneurialism across selected nations, deploy some 1000 to 10,000 small medium businesses on uplifting local regions, via upskilling on innovative excellence, exportability and global age entrepreneurial expansion, a national agenda, mandate and allow experts to lay out authoritative game plans with immediately deployment ready solutions.

New African Trends on Midsize Business Economies: Nation-by-nation the influx of technology will force local businesses to stand up to global competitiveness and productivity to expand across the continent and the global regions. Only national leadership with a bold agenda on recognizing, differentiating and rewarding entrepreneurialism with special respect and privileges and open trading policies will create extreme economic advantage.

Entrepreneurialism is a gift for using minimum resources for creating the maximum impact; create organization for value creation and common good. Build grassroots prosperity. Centuries ago, the industrial age forced acquisition of large factories to advance; now there is nothing-heavy investments, but the free flying minds on freely available technologies and platforms that are in charge. Think of collaborations and deploy to achieve mastery of quality. Today optimization of freely available technology requires little or no muscle power but definitely demands superior mental-powers. Upstanding how to use critical thinking and declaring lifelong learning as a normal requirement will bridge progress. Smartness today means to identify your hidden enemies; tribalism, hate and destruction, knowing fakery, just do not become divisible.

Elections and re-elections, Cabinets and new Cabinets will not create new mindsets; critical thinking, bold and new narratives to face grass roots prosperity challenges will help all issues and bring global climate issues in perspective. There is no business like small business; become an expert and study more on Google how Expothon Africa is tabling ideas.

Right mindset in the right trajectory of the right project is the greatest winning combination, but when stuck in a different framework can be very dangerous for the progress of the project. A movie project calls for a Director to capture the theatrical drama but not a Surgeon from an operating theatre. Economic development in any nation must also have an authoritative and globally experienced presence of proven entrepreneurialism. If real value creation is the goal, the economic progress automatically becomes entrepreneurialism centric.

The new definition of economic progress remains hidden unless nations open new gates. With new narratives on new realities, the new digital platforms across the world bring new centricity. This provides youthful citizenry the resource rich lands of Africa as another fresh opportunity, visible to open-mindedness and ready for deployments. The world is on a new path, Africa is emerging, the diversity of five billion connected alpha dreamers across the world are all advancing on their march as they carve new changes; they all plan for major global mindset shifts. A bright future waits. Is Africa just right on the time, the rest is easy?

Copyright: 2005-2021 Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a Canadian Think tank focused on National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols on Platform Economy and exportability solutions now gaining global attention. His latest book; Alpha Dreamers; the five billions connected who will change the world.