Global Power Play: An Era of New Clarity

Feature Article Global Power Play: An Era of New Clarity
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As humankind evolves, a global power play emerges, like many times in the past; once again, it creates an era of new clarity; a new phase of clarity emerges as a sudden global force for humanity shows a better grasp of the big picture and adjusts for the next pending moves and such acceptances later manifest in economic behaviorism and attitudes as they alter the following generations. What were the recent major transformational phases: horses to cars, offices to mobile? What are the next potentialities; 'self-employed nations,' 'bureaucracies-less countries,' 'national eco-friendly-living,' 'office-less managers fewer economies.'

The triangulation of global economic shifts and new thinking, when combined with a worldwide rise towards entrepreneurial mysticism added with technological superiority creating global opinion and Artificial Intelligence creating artificial ignorance, all combined create a perfect storm:

  • An uplift of the national citizenry and cultivation of borderless performances
  • A chance to uplift SMEs and create export joy rides on global digital platforms.
  • A power shift of national mobilization of entrepreneurialism and political agendas

Today, when sequentially tabled, such topics expose the extreme unpreparedness at multiple levels of national administration but also hit some positive notes. This is not an academic study but an entrepreneurial response to global entrepreneurial challenges. It follows the rules of mysticism with unique critique, vision, speed, value, and productivity.

Henceforth, it is essential to study the past landscapes of such mega-shifts.

The Era of Darkness:

  • Coming out from eternal darkness, when a new dawn suddenly emerged by the light of a bulb, like shock therapy by electricity, it induced rapid advancements in mental powers.
  • Global enlightenment emerged as the surrounding darkness was rediscovered in shimmering lights.
  • Humankind got a grand and most extensive direct passage to the most innovative era ever in history.

The Era of Destruction:

  • The next time, such global cycles collided when, in pursuit of human endeavor, humankind decided to self-inflicted wars; after 100 million dead, soldiers returned from WW2, tired, wounded, battered with disabled bodies, haunting memories, and damaged minds.
  • The destruction crawled into somberness, and slowly, once again, the bitter lessons turned into innovative growth patterns.
  • The richness of overseas exposure earned from beyond the homelands and the seas, the international encounters added, combined with new global diversity experiences with new strange thinking, the sparks of creativity kindled, and the most innovative Industrial Revolution of the period started.

The Era of Mind-Expansion:

  • The last such immense global-scale metamorphosis occurred when entrepreneurial mysticism demonstrated how unknown, inexperienced, and untrained can create a revolution for the entrepreneurs, by the entrepreneurs, and for the entrepreneurs.
  • The eruption of e-commerce forever changed personal and economic behavior worldwide. It opened the global populace's eyes, ears, and minds to last centuries like the odyssey of the Gutenberg Press and what it achieved during the previous 500 years suddenly being repeated all over again.
  • The digital connectivity of the global populace and its speed of universal circularity added more to the advancements of knowledge and global mindshare than what entire education did during the last many centuries.
  • This was a very compressed magical moment based on unseen mysteries of data management. Invisible soft power emerged to drive the new world.

The Era of Confusion:

  • Now, on a broader stroke, at a global scale, it is naive to believe that the after-internet world is super powerful and humankind super creative, but in reality, it is not.
  • Today's Internet is only an 'on and off' switch; what was Edison's time to turn the light on and off?
  • Today, the world mostly recycles existing ideas and squeezes the lingering exhausted innovations to death.
  • There are a million styles of chairs, a billion unique computer applications or a needle, a billion patterns, like the projectile, and a billion targets at different sizes and speeds. There are a million speeches and a billion sound-bites.
  • In search of originality and wisdom, an enormous change is needed. Humankind must realign for the subsequent uplift of the mind.
  • The world of conflicts remains silent.
  • The globe on building economics as 'selective prosperity' keeps the world poor. The world of knowledge needs to be updated on human issues, nature, and real advancements.
  • If gravity is a challenge, do not search for sinkholes. Instead, discover levitation.
  • If eyes cannot see far enough, work with vision as the eye of the mind. Today, urgency demands qualified execution; speed will lead us to innovation.
  • Once again, strikes the entrepreneurial mysticism; success at times is failure management; failure is often about a lost battle, but not about a lost war; the ultimate success is not necessarily about winning a war; success is more about understanding the battlefield, as the real victory hidden outside the war.

The Era of Rationality:

  • The total of all our problems, each with solutions, resides in our thinking, critical, that is. What does humankind need to emerge slightly comfortable and with the right solutions?
  • Everyone is surrounded and challenged differently than suddenly what happened before electricity, WW2, or e-commerce. The darkness became unbearable; WW2 declared a total failure, and the harsh entrapment of the global workforce bonded at clerical tyranny gave birth to "software." to create a new world.
  • We are now witnessing another collapse of the order. We face widely broken and unexplainable abuse of trust and humankind's rules.
  • As governments and bureaucracies kept their ongoing financial and economic development affairs secret for various reasons, now, not that secretive worldwide,
  • The "digital bleach" is the bloodstream of computerized data, information, and analysis that, like soap, washes clean, removes all the dust of secrecy, and exposes the truth.
  • Suddenly, we see a thousand times more precisely, even if it is in pitch-dark, how much we know in micro details and how we will feel the final flashlight and our flesh evaporating in a blast; we live on social media, rivers, and streams of information, good or bad, minds retain and sort out.
  • Now, our minds can imagine better dreams of realities, and our wisdom can assemble and string the right words in correct sequences; when all this is combined and vocalized globally, it can change the world.
  • The five billion alpha dreamers of the world will create better leadership and honest economies, as they are the first post-digitization societies exposed more to facts than any other generation in history that can also focus globally on global issues to grasp the picture entirely.
  • The old thinking and supremacy of old knowledge are dying right in front of us in living colors. There is an undercurrent emergence of new confidence across the world to reform and perform with better and new innovative models of governments.
  • This change will happen as the 2024 elections alone will rationalize their dreams as faith in voting may disappear, damage institutional credibility worldwide, and open new dialogues.

Should dreams be nationalized?

  • Hence, the total of our sufferings felt worldwide has now guaranteed the emergence of a new world; with or without order, it will be far more about humankind and not 'selective prosperity' at the cost of global destruction.
  • Today's youth is the face of tomorrow's nation; hence, societies knowing this difference can create productive long-term thinking in search of stable economic structures. The big change cometh
  • However, about once or twice a century, innovation and disruption occur when humanity has matured intellectually and actively searched for new, yet risky, solutions. It is wrong to imagine humankind awaiting a nuclear dystopia or dreaming of a way to popularize a one-way year-long journey strapped in a dishwasher-sized capsule mission to Mars.
  • The combined power of humanity is strong enough to fix the problems and create balanced societies.

Our post-technology age will kindle an innovative era not driven by the long-awaited The 4th Industrial Revolution but by The First Industrial Revolution of Mind, already in action

What are the key symptoms of such happenings?

  • Restless citizenry gravitated towards entrepreneurial mysticism.
  • Rejection of education and recognition of hidden skills and talents
  • Revision of business institutional mentality to accept risk-taking
  • Rise of bold, authoritative, and original narratives on SME commerce
  • Regeneration of new layers of early-stage enterprises sweeping nations

Understanding the Last Seven Societies: What brought us here, not an accident but a systematic build-up of good and bad ideas? During the Print Society in 1900, when the printed word was power, literacy was paramount, and only the privileged had access to knowledge. Why does a similar scenario 120 years later occur today? Futurism demands futuristic literacy. Why does such an understanding key for up-skilling and re-skilling get repeated every few decades?

"The Radio Society made its impact after a quarter century. It brought information freely available to the air and music to tap dance on assembly line floors. The 'voice' created radio personalities with opinions, and opinion leadership became noticeable. There were five other most prominent societies. TV Society brought live-action dramas and started colorful consumerism. Telecom Society shorthanded distance and created standardization. The Computer Society created miniaturization and a sense of accuracy. The Cyber Society brought the world to the desk and started the diffusion between work and other lifestyles. We just left the Click Society, which brought the world into our pockets and seriously disrupted the traditional work model. "

Excerpted Source: Naseem Javed, Sunrise, Day One, Year 2000.

Published, IABC Communications World, Dec. 1995, Volume 12 Isssue11, Article, 'Chronology Charts'

An Era of New Clarity:
Nationalization of the dreams of citizenry: In coming years, nations will try very hard to identify and protect the national citizenry and create better management to capture and save visions, as national treasures will be hidden in the high-performance minds and dreams of the national citizens in pursuit of reality

  • The super success of Silicon Valley magnetized and attracted the world's best minds. Dozens of other major countries offered diamond-studded, gold-plated packages, but top minds still gravitated towards the USA. Observe how Asia is now poised to attract qualified and experienced entrepreneurial minds. The fastest way to attract power play on the innovative rise of SMEs and stable economies
  • The developed nations, BRICS, and Blocs have another significant opportunity to uplift national citizenry by creating cross-fertilized international alliances amongst high-potential SMEs and nurturing their tactical battlefield of trade and commerce.

Generations of Self-Employed:

  • The global workforce, facing technocalamaties, will drift out of megacities; in coming years, "weekly national employment scores" by nations will be replaced by the new measure of the rise of the most liberated high-performance, "high-value contributing occupationalists."
  • Liberated from the cubicle slavery and liberated from the 'IN" and the "OUT" tray, the destroyer of human productivity, the dying symbol of bureaucracies where rubber stamps ruled. The 'in' tray was your issue, and the 'out' tray was no longer your business.
  • This century-old vortex of stupidity and fear created lingering bureaucracies and destroyed the progress of over half the world. Now exposed in living colors, digitally bleached, they have no room to hide. Rapid technological advancements and AI will take care of all this.

The era of clarity will boldly reward human performance and creativity.

These liberated billions and free-to-think remote occupationalists who contribute to the highest standards will enjoy the new highs of the self-employed gig economy as a bridge that, once confidently experienced, will upscale to small and medium enterprises and create their pathways towards entrepreneurial mysticism just like what happened 100 years ago in the USA, a few decades ago in China, last decades in India and now what occurs in dozen nation on the way to super success economies.

Scuba-Divers Needed:

  • The AI will create oceans of speedy performances where incompetency will drown, and here, diverse and global data amalgamation will appear like sea monsters and will openly attack global trades and destroy like merchant ships and or sinking defense armadas. In return, it will simplify anything and everything that is procedurally repeated, and it will snatch such forms and procedures from the two billion white color workers and attired managerial executives of the world and send them remotely to swing in hammocks in their pajamas.
  • To seek good answers, brutal, harsh, and complex questions must be asked; only difficult and bitter questions will find greater truth and wisdom-rich answers.

The World Needs New Thought Leadership

  • The new global age does not require the Media to lead the local, national, or worldwide narrative and drive the agenda; already, they have visibly failed; the world is not looking for some AI-centric Machiavellian theatric of political dance void of thought leadership, the world does not require mature fermented rotten bureaucracies but highly functional result driven productive meritocratic sleek administration with highest standards.
  • Creating New Thought Leadership will always need intelligent dialogue with more people with advanced skills, experiences, and knowledge to reflect on any new thought leadership. Walking with your incompetence closed in one hand, and the other open in curiosity to acquire additional and supportive thoughts based on proven expertise is mandatory to test and advance further.

What is Next?

  • Now, there is a new global-age mantra: Constant learning, constant disruption, constant advancements, constant dialogues, and constant monitoring because "Work + Office + Health + Money + Politics + Globalization" suddenly combined into one single global calamity, creating new thinking and bringing impossible ideas, people and faraway lands closer, right in your hands. A new world of global micro-trade, micro-manufacturing, and micro-exports is slowly opening.
  • Observe how uncomfortable the countries are; they must adjust to cope with rapid transitions. The high-speed productivity of national entrepreneurs in action expects high-performance bureaucracies and superior competencies.
  • Study when Silicon Valley was creating 10,000 new small and micro startups around the world daily, the bureaucracies of the 100 countries and their academia were trying to figure out the difference between 'hardware' and 'software.' it took some a decade by the time world government leadership figured out the difference between the symbol"@" and "www" It took over a decade for all countries to fully access to the Internet and some 25 years for e-commerce to fully mature and become a universal gateway, fully understood with internationally accepted protocols and global domain name management issues.
  • How prepared are the advanced countries, how long will it take for the rest of the 100 + countries to get the in-depth orientation and experience the transformational shockwaves, and what kind of economic and business growth advantages are currently scattered around the world?

A master blueprint, with deployment-ready strategies delivered as Cabinet Level Roundtables within a nation on how to transform entrepreneurs via national mobilization, enters the global age spotlights.

The value of education and degrees has now fallen like a rock; direct experience and global age smartness skating around entrepreneurial mysticism are all in great demand; this is a new germination cycle of realization towards self-employment and creating new entrepreneurial nations.

  • A study of the last century is mandatory; the brief history of small and medium enterprises and how and when SMEs were created and blossomed to become national and global players. This is how superpower nations emerged.
  • Today, such formulas are repeated in dozens of hyperactive nations, optimizing the SME sector to make them global players. Farming of massive numbers of SMEs using entrepreneurial mysticism as national fertilizers is a power play to create solid and stable economies with the help of AI technologies, capture fee rains of technologies, and massive access to global markets is the new economic thinking expanding across BRICS, Blocks, and the new global-age world.

The Conclusion:

  • Sometimes, to change a million minds, all it needs is a single mind capable of facing a million "No."
  • Study the last 100 entrepreneurial ideas and observe the earth-shattering changes they created and the alteration of the economic behaviorism of billions. Each such idea was blatantly refused, rejected, and was beyond the comprehension of the establishments of the day. The hidden powers of entrepreneurial mysticism perform again and again during the millennia...
  • No, this is not a symptom of the power of the day. It is always about two mindsets: job seekers and job creators. Always strive and learn to recognize the difference, know your mindset, and acquire mastery to achieve highly optimized performance. Finally, all mindsets, when combined, create great ideas.
  • Study more on Google.

The rest is easy.
About the author:
Naseem Javed, a Canadian born in a printing publishing family of small merchants, settled over two centuries surrounding the Red Fort in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India. Educated and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, and arrived in Canada fifty years ago. He spent years at the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics and learned how to create and develop global-stature organizations and events. Acquired global experiences, serviced dozens of Fortune 500 companies as a senior advisor over 25 years, and learned how to commercialize, monetize, and popularize complex ideas globally. Later, in 2000, Naseem took a sabbatical when he noticed markets lost the art of value creation and adopted value manipulation when one million dollar turnover factories traded as 100 million dollar operations in stock exchanges.

He took all his high-value knowledge and experiences, placed them in a shoe box, and almost free for the world's 100 million Small and Medium Enterprises.

He developed The National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols. The rest is history. Now highlighted as a corporate philosopher, the Chair of Expothon Worldwide and recognized authority on new economic thinking, where the mobilization of small and medium business entrepreneurialism is tabled as the savior of already struggling economies. Expothon has been sharing weekly information with some 2,000 senior officials at the Cabinet level in around 100 countries for the last 50 to 100 weeks. The narratives are an open challenge to current economic development and offer pragmatic solutions and new thinking on mobilizing the untapped talents of the national citizenry. He is a world-class speaker and author, gaining global attention.