When will five million African entrepreneurs start to march?

Feature Article When will five million African entrepreneurs start to march?
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Imagine: If 50% of the 55 nations of the African continent adopted national mobilization of entrepreneurialism as a national agenda to uplift and up-skill SMEs to stand up to the global age of competitiveness, occupied women and youth, and declared entrepreneurship as a driver of the economy?

Imagine: If 50% of the participating nations each with 5000 to 50000 SMEs increased their productivity, performance, and profitability, what level of economic impact will it make across the country?

Imagine: If 50% of these entrepreneurs across Africa improved and up-skilled their exportability and their manufacturing, what power of performance, quality, and growth will emerge, and what impact will it make on the rest of the continent

Imagine: If only 1% of such enterprises became national or global players what kind of global impact and economic advantages the African continent would enjoy? How was such achieved by other nations?

Dream while awake, but execute every second, be thankful for the resources around you, and search out your entrepreneurial mysticism. It is already there. Let us take a closer look how start such a program. The power of national mobilization of entrepreneurialism surrounds us.

Across the vast lands of the continent of Africa, stretched into 55 nations, each blessed with extraordinary natural resources, resilient population, and an abundance of entrepreneurial talents, a rise towards facing the global age of competitiveness, a march of some five million high-potential SMEs combined create an economic thunder.

What does it take to create such economic growth and entrepreneurial tidal waves, what are the steps, and how fast can it be achieved?

Such Entrepreneurial revolutions do not necessarily require big new funding as these movements are primarily execution-hungry and mobilization-starved. Entrepreneurialism is embedded in planning real-value creation and hyper-speed execution, not financial scheming and value manipulation. The nation must lay out a bold national plan and agenda to harness the entrepreneurial powers of the national citizenry.

Understanding SME revolutions: The original Silicon Valley of the USA was neither a technology nor a financial revolution but the mobilization of an entrepreneurial journey long before the term 'IT' became popular and 'technology' was conceptualized as worthy enough to trade in billions. The clusters of entrepreneurs with revolutionary job-creator mindsets, the out-of-box thinkers, came out of their garages, broke old systems, created new alternates, and changed the world forever—a revolution of entrepreneurs, created by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs. Every major nation had already experienced such frenzies at some time, way before economic thinking was ever developed. Pure creativity, combined with hard work, delivered productivity, performance, and profitability and kept growing.

Entrepreneurs do not require access to finance; they require space and freedom to try out ideas and boxes to play around and invent. They cannot be bothered by bureaucracies, red tape, restrictions, nonsensical interference, and, most importantly, debt.

Study how birds go out and build nests without any help.

Entrepreneurial mysticism is the world's most powerful hidden magic; still unsolved, it cannot be replicated or captured into a pill or tonic, as it is mysterious, unexplainable, and always magical. The entire world of commerce and trade has been built on this single-power. Openly challenged is the economic intelligentsia if, besides their financial brilliance and expertise, if they can show anything like this on the growth side.

No further proof is required if over a million entrepreneurs have already created over a million original small and medium businesses, and each has grown into creating over a million jobs. Why the lingering fear of identifying at least one Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, whoever built one such creation? This narrative is not a war but an open invitation to economic thinking as a pillar in the structure of economic progress, not as a solo tower in the current failing economic storms.

Observe the laws when architects draw outstanding renderings and skyscrapers, as it takes proven teams of experts on skyscraper buildings to deliver a new city skyline. If we allow only architects to play around with construction, 50% of skyscrapers will collapse. Jumbos will fall off the sky if they are in the hands of frequent flyers. Sumo wrestlers will be doing Swan Lake if only trained by ballerinas. Balancing acts of economic development with entrepreneurship is a very specialized area in urgent need.

Study: African Agricultural Revolution & National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism

How do we create an entrepreneurial a nation? How do we transform stagnant lean economies into fast-moving agile economies on a fast-track basis? What will bring an entrepreneurial dialogue inside the political center and economic sanctum as a new partner to uplift the national economies? When will all this materialize so the real action to uplift the economy will start?

Only once high-potential small and medium enterprises across the nation are professionally identified, categorized, and digitized; besides being just a tax number, will a new bright picture of high-potential trade emerge.

Only once are they communicated in an entrepreneurial dialogue, as most refuse to deal with generic forms and bureaucracies; new engagements with specific and progressive discussions will create higher confidence and quality amongst SME sectors.

Only once such detail is synchronized, groups are established, critical issues are identified, and regional groups sort out the global potentials. Exportability chances would declare the hidden talents and unique roles for the regional sectors to mobilize.

Only once all this digitized data is professionally tabled with entrepreneurial leadership, already awaited over decades, can local sectoral economic engines be deployed to play a central role in the national economic uplift.

Only once there exists a national mandate, and such progress is achieved within 100-200 days in simultaneous synchronization, the National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism will commence and deploy 5000 to 50000 SMEs on up-skilling exporters and re-skilling manufacturers and uplift productivity, performance, and profitability with real value-creation economies.

Nevertheless, why do we need a Ministry of Entrepreneurialism? Watch the video

Creating an Entrepreneurial Economy:

Establishing policies to start an SME sector digitization program takes ten days. It takes 100 days to mobilize and place 1000 to 100,000 SMEs on digital platforms. It takes 1000 days to have a bouncing economic development and global activities.

Missing Links: Therefore, currently, at what speed are the SME uplifts moving? It takes 1000 days to become a top-class economic development game player. It takes 100 days for deep immersion to become a champion of digital transformations. It takes ten days of intense workshops to articulate such senior-level discussions. What are the critically missing links in economic departments? How fast the world of African Entrepreneurs and SMEs are moving? What are the missing links?

Study: Global Formulations to Create Entrepreneurial Nations

Understanding new entrepreneurial options for governments:

Allow micro-small-medium enterprises a tax-free window on the first few million in export revenues; this will create local jobs and bring foreign exchange.

Allow micro-small-medium enterprises free access to all dormant Intellectual Property.

Allow academic Experts and Scientists on innovative technologies and related skills on free voucher programs.

Allow micro-small-medium enterprises free full-time MBA as 12-month interns so graduates can acquire real entrepreneurialism.

Allow Millions of qualified entrepreneurs to land within a nation for 5-10 years under a special tax-free visa program.

Allow the National Administration of Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism to be mandated to engage trade and export bodies.

The National Mobilization of SME Entrepreneurialism:

The Qualification Criteria:

  • Are there 5000-50,000 SMEs within a nation qualified for up-skilling for exportability?
  • Are vertical sectors ready for the mobilization of entrepreneurialism on digital platforms?
  • Are chambers and associations skilled enough in such SME uplifts and exportability?
  • Are there harmonious efforts to uplift women entrepreneurs on the national stage?
  • Are the frontline economic development teams up-skilled enough for such programs?
  • Are there special needs?

Most nations already have enough innovations but need more commercialization.

Most are overqualified in their crafts but need the image and the right business direction.

Most incubators need help and eventually become exhausted, like real estate projects.

Most economic programs are paper-flow issues without an entrepreneurial touch.

Are there wings of economies?

Fact: The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets.

Fact: The well-designed innovative ideas are worthy of such additional quadrupled volumes.

Fact: A nation's entrepreneurial and dormant talents are capable of such tasks.

Fact: The new global age skills, knowledge, and execution are now the missing links

The transformation timelines:

  • It takes ten days to establish policies to start an SME sector digitization program.
  • It takes 100 days to mobilize and place 1000 to 100,000 SMEs on digital platforms.
  • It takes 1000 days to have a bouncing economic development and global activities.

The mental preparedness timelines:

  • It takes 1000 days to become a top-class economic development game player.
  • It takes 100 days for deep immersion to become a champion of digital transformations.
  • It takes ten days of intense workshops to articulate such senior-level discussions.

How do you start such a program across African nation?

Understanding the narrative of Expothon Worldwide: Henry Ford neither invented the tire nor the car engine; he created the Assembly line. Expothon neither created the SME nor the exportability. It began advanced thinking on 'national mobilization of entrepreneurialism as a highly streamlined, 24x7x365 SME up-skilling operation in simultaneous synchronization of the most significant but ignored greatest national economic assets; a decade later, this narrative is gaining global attention. Expothon has been sharing information weekly with some 2,000 senior officials at the Cabinet level in around 100 countries for the last 50 to 100 weeks. Mastery of new entrepreneurial economic thinking is a new revolution in SME Mobilization. We are constantly adding new talents. A global high-level virtual event series will further advance the agenda, and in planning are high-level debates to clarify and table turnkey mobilization options in the coming months. Study more on Google.

A senior level meeting is a good starting point to layout customized plans fitting each nation.

The rest is easy.