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04.05.2021 Feature Article

Legalizing Homosexuality

Legalizing Homosexuality
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Today we can legalize homosexuality, sex dolls and other sexual fantasies, but in 40 to 50 years’ time our national budget will include pairing of straight people and the promotion of heterosexual marriages; a problem we will be creating for the future with the laws we make today.

What goes on between two consenting adults shouldn’t be our concern and our legislative resources shouldn’t be allocated to the orgasm of the people, but the question of sexuality should be addressed only when it invokes marriage and legality.

We all have our beliefs and things we rely on for our morality but in this circumstance and others relating to law, the interest of the country, her future and the purpose of the law should be our priority. With this in mind the question now is what are the benefit and purpose of the legal traditional marriage (between man and woman). Procreation and support for a growing child could be the biggest of reasons for constitutioning the traditional form of marriage and not just leave it as a convention. We will have a deserted country if we are not repopulating it and an anarchic world if families don’t exist for the growing child.

One thing about populating is that it’s not important if we are doing it but becomes a national concern when we fall short of it. It will be wise to prevent a catastrophe today than to manage it tomorrow. Let’s leave people to explore their sexual fantasies but by no means should we award certificate and license to it. Certificate should be given only to couples with the potential to procreate. Legalizing homosexual marriages will not add or subtract anything to the country but only please foreign countries and the pleasure of individuals.

As a constitutional country our first objective for marriage should be to procreate. Family has been the backbone and culture of all our tribes and yes, any two people can be family and still share the love and affection of any other family. Others might argue that culture is dynamic but until we have a baby producing factory (human ethics does not allow for this), a family should be one with the potential to procreate.

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