A mockery of Justice!

Feature Article A mockery of Justice!
JAN 6, 2021 LISTEN

This was expected. The audacity of Peter Amewu in going ahead with registration in parliament even when the case was sub judice spoke volumes. Under any serious dispensation, as we know our judiciary to be in the past, Peter Amewu would have been cited for contempt of court. But this is a new era.

My best description for today's Supreme Court Ruling is that; Tsatsu Tsikata knows the law - Godfred Dame knows the judges. That's it. This society is gravitating towards “strong men”, “cronyism”, “club of friends” etc, and not strong institutions working under professional ethics and values.

There is neither judiciary nor legislative independence in Ghana today. The cracks of this practical weakness if it ever existed at all have been gravely deepened by this government. The essence of separation of powers checks and balances as anticipated by the 1992 constitution has been gruesomely murdered and buried under this government. It's just a charade sitting in our books!

The future of Ghana should be prepared to accommodate further, the monstrous creature of injustices, bullish and insensitivity of our state institutions.

All our institutions do this time is to bow to the whims and caprices of the executive President without shame. These institutions shamelessly do this so overtly as if their mandatory loyalty were to these Executive Presidents and not the defenseless ordinary citizenry.

The EC blatantly flouts the provisions of their own regulations guiding the performance of their duties and when this is pointed out to them, they direct you to court knowing it is simply a set up and not the court in the ordinary sense of it.

You will see the Supreme Court espousing fine principles of the law in their ruling just to turn around to depart from same in an extraordinarily bizarre fashion to draw senseless conclusions just to punish the weak and appease their paymasters and appointing authorities.

It's a Shame!!

You see the Attorney General whose duty it is to protect and preserve the right of ordinary citizens through the courts, rather facilitating the perpetuation of systematic suppression and injustices against the week and defenseless, and all those with loud voices look straight and scared to talk about it for fear of victimization.

In all these, I am gratified for one thing; no condition is permanent. This wickedness and injustices against the weak are temporary. The day of justice shall surely come! The weak shall become strong someday.

May all that is deemed right today forever remain right when the tables change positions!

Ghana will survive this!!

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