Guan residents disappointed over exclusion from parliamentary election

  Mon, 07 Dec 2020
Elections Guan residents disappointed over exclusion from parliamentary election

Angrh residents in Akpafu Odormi have expressed their disappointment in the government for failing to create a constituency for some residents of the Guan district since its creation two years ago.

Because they have no district, the people in Santrofi, Akpafu, Likpe, and Lolobi in the Oti Region are only voting for a presidential candidate.

Following the EC's announcement residents spoke to Citi News about their disappointment at not being able to vote for a parliamentary candidate.

“We have been disenfranchised because as citizens of this country we have a stake and it is our right to chose a parliamentary candidate. But now we are hanging, we are neither here nor there,“ a resident said.

“We are really not happy in the community. We are only voting for presidential. Because of the dispute behind Oti's separation.” another resident in Akpafu Odormi, said.

The residents also called on whoever wins the election to address their grievances.

“We were promised that if we are taken out of Hohoe we will be given a [constiuency]. As it stands now that is a mirage. It is our hope that whoever wins should give us our rights as citizens to belong to where we deserve,” one resident said.

Since the creation of the new Oti Region in 2018 members of the Guan district have not hidden the fact that they would preferer to be in the Hohoe district in the Volta Region.

— citinewsroom