Zimbabwean Lives Matter Hashtag Is A Joke The World Can Not Take Seriously

Feature Article Zimbabwean Lives Matter Hashtag Is A Joke The World Can Not Take Seriously

I have recently seen a hashtag trending on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook timeline. The hashtag is #ZimbabweanLivesMatter. Unfortunately, I have been so busy over the past week, so I haven’t had time to research or find out why the hashtag started or why its trending. I have no idea whats happening politically in Zimbabwe today, but I think it doesn’t matter. I think I don’t have to know whats happening in Zimbabwe to pen about #ZimbabweanLivesMatter hashtag.

I don’t really know where to start, but Zimbabwe is one of the craziest countries on the Face of earth.

I remember when I wrote about Evan Mawarire 4 years ago, I was almost crucified by Zimbabweans, if they could, they would have stoned me to death. My then brother who lives in England called me and said, “Jean, you are right, but you have to understand Zimbabweans, they are weird, they are like cockroaches, and have a very short memory span. They are crucifying you now but it will take years to sink that you are right, that’s how they work.”

This is the most crystal truth my “brother” ever said to me throughout my life of knowing him, he described Zimbabweans in their truest sense.

Then after I wrote about Mawarire, no matter how much adversity and hostility I faced from Zimbabweans, I continued to stand on the hill and literally prophesy against Zimbabweans with all my heart.

I warned these “cockroach” people about their so called political activists, two of them, one Fadzayi Mahere, who thinks politics happens on Facebook with likes and selfies. I told them that this Mahere woman will never be in any political office in Zimbabwe, then she viciously went on a Facebook celebrity’s page and chose that platform to say “She will never mention Jean Gasho ever again” whilst mentioning me, the irony.

Another so-called called political activist I wrote about 4 years ago was Linda Masarira. I was called all sorts of vulgar names by Zimbabweans, and I was told I was not half the woman Linda Masarira was. All I said was this woman is no political figure, the fact that she has missed priorities in life is proof that she can’t lead a country. She can’t even take care of her own children, she goes to sleep in streets leaving children as young as 2 without a mother. I was called evil for telling Linda this truth. The comments are still there on social media platforms. Today Linda Masarira is now one of the most hated women in Zimbabwe, now the “cockroach” Zimbabweans call her names and tell her everything I said about her 4 years ago, when they thought she was an angel. Proving that what I said was right, her children are so out of control, she had to get her own son arrested. Linda Masarira is a proper depiction of what it means to be a Zimbabwean, sadly Zimbabweans can’t use her as a mirror to reflect their own-selves.

During the Mugabe era, I wrote so many articles telling Zimbabweans that Mugabe is not your problem. He never was. If anything the man was a prophet, put in power by God to try and redeem the cursed country. Mugabe was an anointed African leader, there will never be anyone like him on African soil, he was the Lion of Africa. To have this man come out of Zimbabwe, should have been a blessing to the country, but alas, the people of Zimbabwe cursed their own prophet.

Like Christ said, “A prophet will never be respected among his own people.”

I told these people, that do not celebrate Mugabe’s removal, for there is nothing to celebrate. He was your liberator. But my warnings fell on deaf ears.

I could not believe my eyes as I saw millions of people celebrate Mnangagwa’s inauguration. They called Constantatino Chiwengwa “Soldier Bae”. No wonder my “brother” called Zimbabweans “cockroaches”. You couldn’t make this up could you? I did say Zimbabwe will be worse after Mugabe.

I even told Zimbabweans that be weary of Mnangagwa, Mugabe was more righteous than him. In 2008, Mugabe had had enough and was ready to step down and give the crown to Morgan Tsvangirai, who won the election. Mugabe was an old man, and he wanted out, but it was Mnangagwa who used Mugabe’s old age, and manipulated him. The old man just wanted to rest. Things only started to go wrong because Grace Mugabe started to talk too much, and they started to plan to out throw Mugabe. And just for the record, Grace Mugabe was never crazy, everything she told Zimbabwe about Mnangagwa was true, and yet she was branded “crazy”.

Now even Thomas Mapfumo has come out and confirmed this truth.

So Zimbabwe, please stop this madness that #ZimbabweanLivesMatter. The world can never take you seriously because you are a complete joke as a country. An epitome of what it means to be a dysfunctional country you are. You hate your prophets and stone them. You call evil good and call good evil.

And for this reason, God has even delivered you in the hands of your own fellow neighbors South Africans, who treat you like pests, cockroaches indeed. You are the only country in the world who has a powerful neighbor who can’t stand them, and mocks them and torments them.

Zimbabwe is today’s modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. The abominations which happen on the streets of Zimbabwean Social media are not seen anywhere in this world. Yes there is perversion throughout the world, but Zimbabwe takes the cup. The people Zimbabwe calls “celebrities” will give you a picture of everything you need to know about the country. One famous transsexual Tatenda Tatelicious Karigambe, literally defecated and urinated live on Facebook and for that thousand of Zimbabweans hailed him/her as the Queen of Zimbabwe as they said “Let her be, her body her rules”.

There is no sense of morality within these people. No right, no wrong, everyone does what is right in their own eyes. Another celebrity called Mandla Gumbo, makes couples and Zimbabwean women have sex live on Facebook, as Zimbabweans watch in thousands and cheer.

Then after all this, they now come and say #ZimbabweLivesMatter” and expect the world to take them seriously…

And it’s no coincidence that as your so-called hashtag trends, Zimbabwe is making far bigger headlines across the world, you have a puppet president, the father of fools, Emerson Mnangagwa signing to compensate billions to white farmers, (even white people all over the world are shocked by this). Right now Zimbabwe really is a joke of the world…

Mugabe is turning in his grave, probably having the last laugh…and cry as well.

God himself, the Creator has cursed this country….

I stand on this hill and still shout from the wilderness…

Create as many hashtags as you want, you are a laughing stock to the world and among yourself so much a number of you are now following me to say…”I am no longer Zimbabwean, I denounce my citizenship.”

Zimbabwean Lives Matter my foot…

What a joke…

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