So My Ashanti King Found His Zimbabwean Concubine, And She’s Ready To Ditch The Weave

Feature Article So My Ashanti King Found His Zimbabwean Concubine, And She’s Ready To Ditch The Weave

Okay, I really didn’t expect it to be this quick, but to the glory of the Most High, the King has found his Zimbabwean concubine. She is in the heart of Ophir, ironically from Masvingo where the sacred pagan Dzimbadzemabwe, House of Stone lies in ruins. She is in the heart of her pagan gods…where people make alcohol to appease the spirits and talk to the dead, but she wants salvation and wants to escape the pagan Kingdom, and is ready to serve the son of David in his Harem.

With the whole Covid situation and Boris Johnson imposing the maximum 6 people rule law, the King is still trying to figure out how to bring Zilpah, as I have named her, to the UK.

Zilpah is fitting for my latest handmaiden, the Z goes with Zimbabwe. Historically, Zilpah was the handmaiden of Leah, the woman who bore 7 children for her Master Jacob, and was the mother of his 6 sons, and the mother of the most anointed and powerful tribe of Israel, JUDAH. I love Leah, she was an epitome of a strong black woman, she was long-suffering and like me she bore 7 children. She endured a life of not being loved, and God blessed her and she ended up enjoying her husband alone when Rachel the favorite wife of Jacob died before her time. Leah had a very loyal handmaiden Zilpah, who was also her half-sister, the daughter of her father Laban’s concubine. Her name Zilpah, is Hebrew and it means, “frailty” or “uncertainity”, which is the anointing of my very own Zilpah right now, she is frail because of the situation in Ophir, the suffering in Zimbabwe, now one of the poorest countries in the world, and is uncertain of what will become of her as she comes to Britannia, the land of Hope and Glory into the House Of Offeh..

The beauty of Zilpah is she is willing to leave all artificial beauty black women are addicted to, the weaves and fake nails and all that, and follow protocol of the Northern Palace.

Zilpah is ready to leave the false beauty and serve the King Of The North.

I already love her obedience and willingness to leave all paganism to join the House Of Offeh.

As I am going to be homeschooling my young children, because of the plague and other racial factors, the King acknowledges that I need at least 3 handmaidens in the house for housekeeping especially, so Shulamite will be in charge of the handmaidens, she is actually very excited because in the Northern Palace, her role will be ungraded. She will be the Queen of maidservants. Shulamite will be the one to vet the maidservants to see if they are worthy…she is very naturally talented at background checking and private investigations…

So the King is still taking applications, but one maidservant will be just a paid house-help, not a concubine to the King. The only concubines will be Shulamite and Zilpah.

I am so excited about this next chapter of my life, I am ready to be served by a Zimbabwean handmaid…hopefully she will make it to the UK this year…

I can’t wait for a palace full of maidens and concubines.

It reminds me of my life 13 years ago, when I was married to the Zimbabwean fool, God gave me a Zimbabwean handmaiden who waited on me day and night for 3 years, so I had my two boys when I had a handmaiden. God gave her to me, so I could have my boys and not work like a donkey in the house…she really was a lovely maiden, she knew what I wanted and worked well under pressure, and I rewarded her with kindness and friendship, I treated her like my own sister…

Come to think of it, many Zimbabweans in my community that time, and my so called brother and his wife in the UK, and my “family” in Zimbabwe were so angry and jealous of me that I had a handmaiden. They actually persecuted me for having a handmaiden in the UK, they said its not normal. My “mother” would call me on the phone screaming at me telling me to chase my Zimbabwean ‘handmaiden’ out of my house. One thing I learnt is anything my “mother” hates me to have is good for me. If something makes her angry, it’s a sign from God that I should have it. Me having many Handmaidens will kill her, literally.

Well, I was later to hear my Zimbabwean handmaiden was sleeping with my ex-husband at that time though, lol, but both of them were very discreet I never suspected a thing, so funny enough she was actually also a concubine to the Zimbabwean fool. When I look back now, I laugh at how symbolic it all was…

I remember one day I went out to preach, yes I was a street preacher that time, and I came back quicker than expected and the house was locked, which was odd. I knocked and knocked, and my ex-husband came to the door acting weird, and my Zimbabwean handmaiden came down acting funny too, I asked my ex husband why the door was locked, I never got a straight answer…oh boy…

But anyway, yeah, I am looking forward to this new chapter of my life, having several handmaidens and real God given “sisters” around me, serving me. This is my destiny.

I think because I have lacked true friends and companionship all my life, I have walked a very lonely painful road, so God is blessing me with many handmaidens as my “sisters” and “friends” who will serve me and do it joyfully…

I love this kind of life, this is totally me, this is what makes me happy…like I was born to live this glory and lifestyle, so I can not wait for the King to welcome Zilpah, his Zimbabwean concubine…

And if her spirit is in the right place, the children will love her, they are always the ones who determine if one is good or evil…especially the little ones. I remember my daughter Fadzi when she was a baby and she saw my “mother” for the first time, she cried for hours, she couldn’t even look at her…children are the best discerners of evil spirits and demons…

But I have a feeling, that Zilpah will be a breath of fresh air to the Northern Palace.

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