The Origins Of White People, According To Mary-Tamar

Feature Article The Origins Of White People, According To Mary-Tamar

First of all, though we call them “white” no human being on this earth has ever been born white. The Caucasians are peach, pink or reddish. Just like black people are not necessarily black in colour, they are variations of browns, from very light brown to very dark brown. So in this article, I am going to be discussing the origins of these people we call today “white” even though technically they are not white. May I also add that this a quite a long read, its a research piece, so it’s not for the browser.

As a writer, I am not claiming to be 100% accurate, because no one on this earth has everything 100% figured out. We see everything, especially history behind a veil, and until the veil is completely lifted up, we can never have the complete picture. We see in part and prophesy in part. So this is the TRUTH and the gospel of white people according to Mary-Tamar.

Because the original creation of this world were black people, there are so many theories out there as to where white people came from. I hear a very popular theory that white people’s skin lightened over time because of the cold weather conditions of Europe. Honestly, I cannot insult my own brains by believing this evolutionary theory. You cannot tell me that black people’s skin gradually turned white, their hair gradually straightened and became longer and blonde or red because of the weather. That theory comes from Cheddar man, a human male fossil found in Gough’s Cave in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England, of which scientists believe that he was a black man and through weather conditions, black people turned into white Europeans, which makes so no sense at all.

Another popular theory is that white people originated from Japheth, one of Noah’s three sons. But that’s not true, all of Noah’s sons where black. I believe so because historically, Ham is known as a black man. Historically, Shem, is known as a black man, so there was no way Japheth would be the odd one out racially, if he was white, it would have been recorded that one of Noah’s sons was different to his two brothers.

Another bizarre theory is that white people originated from the fallen angels who mated with the women in Genesis 6. The theory says white people are not 100% human but are the seeds of fallen angels. I’ve even heard theories that their DNA proves that they are not 100% human, and popular British conspiracy theorist David Icke whom I really like by the way, says the British Royal family are of this lineage or something and calls them reptiles. It’s all very fascinating, but for me, I get my answers from just studying history and the evidence I see with my eyes.

I believe that just like black people were created by God, I believe that white people were also created by God. They were, however, created at a later time in history than the original race, the black people.

In fact, when God decided to create white people, he decided to create two distinct nations and races at that time. God did not need to form a white man out of the dust like he created the black man Adam. The white man was not a completely new creation, he was to be a variation of the black man who already existed. Something similar had happened before in history, where all peoples were black but white-looking people cropped up here and there, and at that time it was considered a curse in the form of leprosy or albinism. But then God decided to make such a kind of a people a distinct race, so out of the womb of a BLACK WOMAN the first white man was birthed. This first white man wasn’t exactly albino, he wasn’t a leper either, this wasn’t a spiritual curse or a medical condition, he was actually to be that way naturally.

This historical event is recorded in the book of Genesis from chapter 24. What I love about the Old Testament is that it’s an accurate historical book, supported by other historical texts.

So the origin of the white race began with a black woman called Rebekah, or rather, Rivkah in the Hebrew language. After years of failing to conceive, God finally opened Rebekah’s womb after her husband Isaac prayed for her, and lo and behold, she conceived twins. The twin pregnancy troubled her, and she asked God what on earth was happening inside her womb. She was clearly told by God that she is carrying two different nations (races) in her womb.

When the boys were born, only the colour and race of the firstborn twin is described because he was the one who was born different. There was no need to describe the second-born twin because he was normal, he looked just like his mother and father, and every other human of that time, he had brown skin. Genesis says the firstborn twin was born RED and hairy, so he was named Esau, which means hairy. The normal-looking second-born twin came out holding his brother’s heel, trying to push his older brother back into the womb, so he was named Jacob, which means deceptive. However, God favoured and loved the deceptive boy more than his older brother Esau, so when Jacob was grown, God changed his name to Israel, as he was to be the father of God’s chosen nation.

Esau on the other hand, who was the first “white” red human being on this earth was like a cursed child because God did not love him. His behaviour throughout was problematic, he was actually the very slow twin and growing up Jacob always had an upper hand over him because Jacob was naturally cunning. Esau sold his own birthright to his clever little brother for a bowl of soup, fulfilling the prophecy told to Rebekah when she was pregnant, that the older will be a servant of the younger brother. Needless to say, as stupid as Esau was, his father Isaac loved him more, he was the favoured son.

Even though Esau was “white”, but by the description, he sounds like a red-haired ginger hairy man, he never saw his skin colour as “white” or purer, or more beautiful or superior to that of his own mother, his father and his twin brother, and in fact the rest of the peoples around him. Esau, the father of the white race, never saw himself as more special because he was red, if anything he probably grew up hating that he was different to his own family, as he was a completely different race to his own parents.

On top of stealing his older brother’s birthright, Jacob, a mummy’s boy, through his mother’s scheming was later to steal the father’s blessing from Esau. Because Rebekah knew that Jacob was the one chosen by God, she made sure her favoured son got all the blessings and this is where the enmity between the blood brothers was born. Esau hated Jacob and sought to kill him.

The blessing which Jacob received was actually from God because he was the chosen one, Genesis 27:27-29.

Part of Jacob’s blessing was that all peoples, all nations should bow to him and serve him, but not only all peoples and nations, but that Esau his own older brother will be his servant. “The older shall serve the younger.” Genesis 25:23.

Because Esau was the one favoured by his father Isaac, though through deception Jacob got the original blessing, Esau through tears begged his Father for a blessing too and Isaac out of the love and sympathy he had for his first-born, gave Esau the Daddy’s boy, a temporary blessing, which is a manifestation of what we see today.

Also because of Jacob/Israel’s continued disobedience towards their God, God took the blessing from them and temporarily gave it to his rival/servant Esau/Edom. King Solomon a descendant of Jacob, was a manifestation of the supremacy and favour of Jacob over all nations, all Kings of the world bowed to King Solomon. But because of his disobedience, Solomon was told by God that his blessing would be given to his servant, Esau and that was the beginning of the rise of Edom, or rather white people. That is why Esau/Edom or “white” people as we call them today are enjoying a temporary blessing of having all peoples and nations on this earth bow down to them, including Jacob.

Jacob is supposed to be the elite race/nation over the whole earth, but this blessing was taken away from him, (Jacob’s trouble) as the bible calls it. That’s why today we live in a white man’s world, even though they are very few in number. White people are actually the ethic minority race of this world.

Most black who understand this truth are sadly under the impression that all black people are descendants of Jacob. Their logic is that if all white people are descendants of Esau, then all black people are from Jacob. But they fail to remember that all people of different pagan nations were there before Jacob and Esau, and they were all black, this includes the Africans, the land of milk and honey Canaan, where Isaac, his wife Rebakah and their two boys dwelt. They lived among the pagan Africans/Canaanites. I was born in Zimbabwe, from the Shona people who are descendants of pagan Ham/Kush.

And remember this, Esau, the first white man actually took his wives from Africans/Canaanites. There were no white women, all women were black, so he couldn’t have married white. Esau, was actually attracted to Pagan Africans/ Canaanites, hence it grieved his God fearing mother and father so much.


Esau was attracted to black pagan African women

According to history, and Jewish texts, Esau’s two Canaanite wives, Adah and Aholibamah were pagan whores. They dwelt in Esau’s tent, but at night went back to their people and prostituted themselves. Because these two wives were such a thorn in the flesh to his mother Rebekah, he then decided to take on a third wife, a daughter of Ishmael, Bashemath, to please his parents. But according to history, his third wife was even worse than the Canaanites, and through Esau’s union with Bashemath, he conspired with his uncle Ishmael to kill Isaac and Jacob and eliminate the seed of Israel and replace it with his, hence today the Edomites born from the womb of Ishmael’s daughter Bashemath are what we know today as the Jews.

Just like Israel came from 4 different black women through Jacob’s seed, Leah, Rachel, Bilhah and Zilpah, the Edomites, or white people also came from the wombs of three different pagan women, all black as well, Adah, Aholibamah and Bashemath. That is why scientifically, there is no denying that white people originated from Africans because their white father had to impregnate black women for them to be born.

Esau’s children would have been more like him than their black mothers because it was the purpose of God to birth a completely new race. When a white man has a baby with a black woman, the baby comes out more white than black, especially as they grow up, a good example is Megan Markle, because her father is white, she is literally white. According to proven scientific research, a black woman can give birth to a white child, if the father is white. A black Nigerian woman, from UK, Milton Keynes, with a white husband, stunned doctors in 2014 by becoming the first black woman to give birth to a baby who was completely white.

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PIC BY Ian Jamieson/ Caters News. A black woman has become the first mum to give birth to two white babies. Catherine Howarth, from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, is the only black woman in the world with two white children..

But we know that there is nothing knew under the sun, Esau’s descendants by three women of colour were born white, and as the generations pro-created they even became whiter and whiter.

Now, whilst Jacob and his 4 wives were constantly foreigners, travellers, and never quite settled in their own land, Esau on the other hand, through his temporary blessing was smart enough to travel to a new country and dwell in the mountains and establish empires and kingdoms. Esau’s descendants already had Kings before Isreal had their first King, Saul. Esau quickly became more advanced and powerful than his brother Israel. Esau was even richer than Jacob when they met years later after they had initially fallen out. When Esau heard that his little brother was running away from their uncle Laban, he went to meet him, and Esau had a company of 400 men, whilst Jacob only had his 4 wives and numerous children. This proves that within a short time, Esau had established himself as some sort of Lord/Chief/King over the peoples of the land, whilst his brother Jacob was actually homeless.

So when the Babylonians were to destroy the temple centuries later, in what was the ultimate fall of Jacob, it was Esau/Edom who quickly took advantage of that fall, and took over, establishing the Roman Empire, and chased away the remnant of Israel, who fled to Africa in which was the end of them being a nation. The Edomites, the Roman elite then converted the Ottoman Turks, their fellow Edomites to Judaism, replacing the vast black Jews.

Esau had become so advanced that even when Christ was born, the King of that era was Herod, who was a white man, an Edomite, who ruled over the remnant black Jews in the Middle East, hence Christ referred to them as the lost sheep of Israel. They were lost not just spiritually, but had no identity as well. It was so bad that the greatest sin among the black Jews was to work for the Roman Empire, (the tax collectors).

The black Jews were in such political bondage and oppression from white rule, that’s why whey were anticipating the birth of the black Jewish Messiah, whom they thought was coming to free them from bondage and be their earthly King. But when Christ came, he was a poor carpenter’s son who was homeless, so most of them doubted him, because he was nothing like the glorious King they thought had been prophesied. Even John the Baptist was like, “Who are you, are you even the one?” Christ did not physically free the black Jews, if anything their suffering under the Roman Empire continued, and Christ did nothing about this.

But even though Edom ruled during the Roman Empire, white supremacy was not necessarily a thing till about 400 years ago, when the transatlantic slave trade began.

Esau himself never knew that his descendants would claim to be the superior race over all humanity, and in the name of white supremacy would commit such inhumane atrocities, the book of Obadiah explains in detail the fate of Edom, and how he will eventually pay for his sins, pride and atrocities against humanity but especially against his brother Jacob, the chosen one, to whom he is a servant.

So yes, that is the history and origin of white people, and how they came to be the most powerful race in this world…

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