Zimbabweans Call Me Cursed For Carrying 7 Children Whilst They Praise Barren Women

Feature Article Mary-Tamar with her kids
Mary-Tamar with her kids

When I announced my 7th pregnancy on my Facebook page, it lifted the masses of my Facebook following, who are mostly Zimbabweans, and they began to troll and mock the pregnancy.

Today, when I look at a nation of Zimbabwe, I see the days of the prophets. My King as well says he has never seen such a people. My children too, British by birth, when I tell them some of the comments I get from Zimbabweans, especially about my pregnancy, they think I am making it up because it’s too unbelievable.

Well to be fair, I did get a genuine few congratulations here and there from Zimbabweans, well there are a few amazing spirited souls from Zimbabwe, but I believe they are less than 1%, my husband believes so too.

The rest are the type who call good evil, and evil good.

Their love for wickedness is not even hidden and it is proven by their reaction to the fruits of my womb.

I tried so hard to understand the logic or moral of laughing at a woman because she is with child, the 7th one at that. It’s like laughing at Bill Gates that he is a Billionaire, or laughing at Elizabeth that she is the Queen.

Zimbabwe’s logic is the same as going…”hahahah kikikiki look at you Bill Gates, all you know is making money. Kikikiki you are such a money making machine hahahaha. Why not focus on better things in life than making money kikikiki. All you know about is money money money hahahaha.” How can you laugh at Bill Gates for having too much money, when you are wallowing in poverty. If you are a Zimbabwean and you think the idea of me having 7 children is laughable, then the analogy I gave you is the exact thing you are doing, yet what I have is bigger and better than what Bill Gates has.

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All I see is a people so impoverished mentally and spiritually, for you to get to a point where you believe children are a curse and laugh at a woman who has 7 children. Do you think I will ever be insulted when you go, “Kikikiki you are such a breeder, hahahaha all you know is giving birth kikikiki.”

My King said to me, “These people though, they have nothing to say to you because you have the ultimate blessing of a woman, so because they are so evil, all they can do is mock the BLESSING in your hands.”

Zimbabweans are really a special kind of people, they can not stand the truth that comes out of my mouth, so yes, like my King said, all they can do is mock me for having “too much” children, if there’s ever such a thing.

Even my midwives, white and atheists, will say to me, “Jean, you are blessed with fertility, I wish I had had 7 kids. You are so strong, how do you do it?” They exalt me and reverence me for being the mother that I am.

Yet you have black people, Zimbabweans, who call themselves Christians, going to church every Sunday, laughing at a woman, a fellow black woman, and mocking her for carrying a child, for bringing life onto the earth, which is her primary and most blessed calling. I have never seen anything I can describe as more evil than that.

One Zimbabwean on my Facebook wall even went as far as to create a meme likening my pregnancy womb to that of a frog. When I showed my King he was like, “He’s not even mocking you, he thinks he is but he’s basically mocking every woman who has ever carried a child, including his own mother, because he is saying women who are pregnant looks like frogs.”

My husband said to me, “All your pictures are so beautiful, so they are struggling to find any they can make ugly memes of, so all they can do is take even the most beautiful pictures of you carrying life, but it’s not working, it only exposes their wickedness to the world.”

To Zimbabweans, a woman like me is “cursed” for having 7 children, lol, yet a woman like Fadzayi Mahere, probably pushing 40, and has never held a baby in her hands, and is always busy chasing a so-called “political career” which looks more like a joke, is called “blessed” by Zimbabweans. Yet it’s not normal for a woman to reach 40 years without having a child. Everything is in reverse to Zimbabweans, the same people who mock me for having “many” children will be the ones praising the barren women of Zimbabwe. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, if you think you can mock a woman for having children, then I will give you the raw truth about the curse of barrenness.

A woman’s primary calling, the reason why God created her and gave her a womb is so she can give birth. So when you laugh at that calling, you are like serpents, the very enemies of God, no wonder you are the nation of the Nyami Nyami and why I call you a pagan people.

I know many Zimbabwean women secretly desire to have many children. But many women can not have many children because they are not strong enough to carry and birth them. Even today on Sunday, they will be going to their spiritual Daddies, chanting in tounges asking for prayers for the “fruit” of the womb. Then they will come on my page after church and “laugh” at me.

A woman with no children is considered “cursed”. I am traditional in my beliefs and serve the God of Israel, He is unchanging, He even says, ” A woman shall be saved in child-bearing”. So these barren Zimbabwean women you call blessed and esteem highly, are the ones who are actually cursed. And me, the one you mock as “cursed” am the one who has the true blessing.

I am without a shadow of doubt the most blessed woman to ever come out of your country. Who among you can birth SEVEN children?

I will say with Mary, behold all generations will call me blessed. I will say with Hannah, the mother of the prophet, ” God has scattered my enemies in the imaginations of their hearts, she who was barren has borne 7 children.”

7 is the number of completion and perfection. 7 is the most blessed number, even heathens and pagans know that the number 7 is special.

When I told my father in Zimbabwe that I am expecting my 7th, he was like, “Wow, 7 is a special number, ndo zvinorwadza vavengi kaizvi Jean. Ha vavengi vacharwadziwa.” meaning, “Your enemies will be hurt by such news, that you will be a mother of 7”.

Contrary to Zimbabwe’s common belief that having many children is a curse worthy of mockery, according to God the creator, children are actually a heritage from above. The more children you have, the more blessed you are, because your children are the arrows in your hands.

So yeah, laugh all you want, mock me please for carrying 7 healthy beautiful babies. The more you laugh oh wicked generation, the more the King adores my beauty and blesses my bed-chamber…

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