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If You Call Harems And Polygamy Sinful, You Will Not See Heaven

If You Call Harems And Polygamy Sinful, You Will Not See Heaven

I taught my three older children this principle, that just because they were born in Britain, a country of Roman culture, it still gives them no right morally, to disrespect their heritage. Polygamy is a black culture, if you want to talk about black history and black culture at its best, you can not do so without mentioning and honoring polygamy, polygyny to be specific, where a man has several wives.

There is no polygamy in British culture or history. Caucasians hate the concept of polygamy, they would rather swing or have orgies than be polygamists. They believe in all sorts of sexual freedoms, except for polygamy. That is why it is a crime to be legally a polygamist, but it is not a crime to be a swinger. This alone should tell you that the biblical characters like King David and King Solomon were actually BLACK people, even though in art and history they were painted as white.

I do not care how much black people have been conditioned to believe that it is impossible for biblical characters to be black, black people find this type of thinking to be an abomination, they think biblical characters were too special and too mystical to be black, yet all the major characters in the bible behaved like black people.

It is the Roman system that changed history, and erased black people from the bible, through art, power and the gift of storytelling. One of the greatest gifts the Caucasians have is the power of story telling, so they are able to control the narrative according to however they want it to be. They are also very gifted in art and creativity, so they changed the story and the world believed…they even paint the Queen of Sheba, who was obviously an African woman, as white…

The queen Of Sheba being painted as white when in reality all the people in the painting should be black.

Now back to polygamy, the Romans changed the story of this very important black history. They were actually able to declare polygamy a sin when it is not. Do you realize how serious this is, and how blasphemous this is? Calling polygamy a sin is actually blasphemy against the Creator who created polygamy and made it HOLY.

The Song of Solomon, or the Song of songs which is the greatest love story or poem written by King Solomon was a polygamous love story. Psalm 45, which describes the royal wedding of an Israelite King is a polygamous wedding. So how does any human being on this earth use the bible to declare polygamy a sin? Is this not the greatest blasphemy of all?

Now, why did the Romans/Caucasians declare polygamy a sin? Keep in mind that polygamy is the foundation of black culture. They declared it a sin to destroy the foundation of black people, especially the true Israelites.

God Himself did build the Nation of Israel through polygamy, Jacob had 2 wives and 2 concubines who bore him the 12 Tribes Of Israel. So to destroy Israel, they had to destroy the principle of which the Holy Nation was built.

If you believe in your heart that polygamy is sinful, then you are accusing God himself of being evil, and you will not see the Kingdom of God, in this life or the life to come.

God himself told David that if he wanted more wives just for sexual pleasure, He would have given them to him, all he needed to do was ask.

So are you more holier than God?

What is more sad about this is it is black people who are even more disrespectful to polygamy, calling it sinful and all, especially black women. They can not even just honor and respect the culture of their forefathers.

If white people honor and respect their forefathers, even the slave masters, and their colonial history, because they understand that that is where their power began, how much more should black people honor and respect their forefathers for being polygamists, because that is where black power used to lie.

What black women don’t realize is that every black woman, deep down in her very secret hearts of hearts, has a deep unknown unexplained desire of being with a polygamous man. That is why it is only women who watch polygamous shows like Sister Wives and Big Love. Deep down black women love polygamy, but society has taught them to fear it.

During the era of black Kings like David, women used to fantasize about joining King’s Harems. It was the ultimate place for total bliss for women, a place where Beauty Contests were founded. Yes, the whole concept of Beauty Pageants comes from King’s Harems, where women spent all day beautifying themselves, and the King would come at night and pick the most beautiful concubine to spend the night with…or better still he would have them all…

Yet today you have women participating in Beauty Pageants thinking its something rather modest for the 21 Century, but Beauty Pageants began in King’s Harem. That’s why historically and traditionally, beauty pageants involves women wearing just lingerie or swimwear, parading themselves almost naked…for a Crown.

The King would sit there, in his Harem and watch his women line up and catwalk in front of him naked, competing to be chosen by him for the night, that is what a beauty pageant actually is, and what it represents.

There was never a dull moment in King’s Harems, it wasn’t just about sex. The husband would live in his own quarters separately, and all his wives lived in one harem where he came to visit, which was sub-dived into different living quarters/bed chambers, but had a communal area where all women spent their time, like a big living room/kitchen/diner. That was the set up of Harems. Harems were women’s world, where they raised children and formed friendships with their sister-wives.

A man who could afford a harem meant he was rich, so the harem was a place of pure luxury, were women wore expensive silks and jewellery, bathed in expensive oils and ate the finest food. A man’s wealth and status was measured by how many wives and children he had. Wives would live with their handmaidens and concubines of their husbands. They would spend their days thinking and talking of ways to entertain their husband at night. To live in a Harem meant a woman had made it. It was beautiful and glorious.

Harems were a place of pure luxury, handmaidens and fine food.

In Harems women had fun and entertained their husband and lord.

In Harems, wives and concubines were sisters and raised their children together.

Beauty pageants began in Harems, were the husband sat down and watched his wives compete to be crowned by him.


In Harems wives and concubines were nothing but friends who inspired each other

As I said, the Romans were gifted in story telling, so all the artwork out there about Harems are only depicted in white people, because Harems were for the rich. It was the posh version of polygamy, so obviously in art, history has made them white for that very reason, but in your head, do picture all these glorious paintings with beautiful black women instead…that is how life was back then.

Personally, I love this ancient lifestyle, because I am an old soul at heart, I believe black women were much happier and at peace back then, in their very posh harems. They got on with each other, unlike today where black women are always fighting each other for men, side chicks attacking main chicks or vice versa, it’s all very shameful and upside down indeed for the black woman.

But now, as God is now rebuilding his people again, especially Israel, black polygamy is now rising again. The black man is now being awakened to go back to innocence, his roots. The black woman is now being awakened to go back to her black King…

And behold, the King of the North has a harem…to build his empire…and walls…

The fact that a man can make 10 women pregnant in one night, yet a woman can only receive the seed of one man and carry it for 9 months should tell you that men by nature are meant to have more than one spouse, and women can only have one spouse.

Anyone who calls this black lifestyle evil is actually calling God wicked, and for that reason, the God of Israel will punish anyone who blasphemes against him, calling his “way” of building his nation evil…

If you hate this lifestyle in your heart, you are cursed and will not see the Kingdom of God…

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