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02.07.2020 Feature Article

Election 2020: NPP’s “Political Obituary” Was Written In Advance

Election 2020: NPP’s “Political Obituary” Was Written In Advance
LISTEN JUL 2, 2020

Fellow Ghanaians, like a defeated sorcerer who is trying in vain to chant a forgotten incantation, the New Patriotic Party, NPP, is throwing everything and anything they find at their already foretold defeat that's coming in this year's December polls.

Largely engineered by their own hands, the colossal defeat of the NPP has been, way before, declared and confessed with a healthy sense of magisterial certitude by many political diviners and pundits.

The truth is, just as their confused promises with vision in their manifesto that were basically dead on arrival got damaged and dented by the Covid-19 pandemic, the NPP Part II itself had had its own obituary written before President Akufo Addo even took his oath of office. Simply, this year’s election belongs to ex-losers.

In an earlier article titled, "How The NPP is Helping President Mahama To Win", I pointed out how the NPP's infantile and greedy if not inexperienced politics of "kill him, if you can't reach him poison his footsteps" is actually marketing the leader and flagbearer of the NDC, Mr. John Dramani Mahama, the NPP is not only helping former President Mahama to win as one of their political anathema and blunder in the impending election, the ruling party is also the main architect of their own defeat out of acute desperation to retain political power.

So, whilst they market former President Mahama in an attempt to actually demean, defame and de-market him, they are defaming, demeaning, de-marketing and even demobilizing themselves systemically. Whatever President Akufo Addo touches instantly turns into ashes. In order words, his blessings are turning curses and the vice versa.

I always have a strong belief that history would repeat itself in such a jiffy to make President Akufo Addo a one term President as well. Whether he will survive his Covid-19 he has brought upon Ghanaians to return in 2024 to contest like former President Mahama or not, remains the biggest question lingering in these four chambers of my heart.

Astonishingly however, after the Supreme Court magic verdict was delivered to allow Ghanaians to be subjected and exposed to the deadly corona virus pandemic, I became certain like Satan's place in hell that President Akufo Akufo has finally kissed goodbye to the Flagstaff House!

Thus, the defeat of the New Patriotic Party was sealed, noose tightened, and became plain for all to view despite the government’s hopelessly fruitless efforts to mar the electoral process.

In a hopelessly thankless society like ours, the government must appreciate the lackadaisical attitude of Ghanaians for tolerating their defocused and very corrupt leadership for almost four years of limitless debt ceiling governance.

There's this apocryphal story of a young lady who bragged and claimed to have graduated from University with her womanhood and purity as a woman intact. When she was asked how she did to keep her virginity in such a sexually immoral academic environment, to the utter disbelief and disgust of the people, she answered she was very smart to have convinced her boyfriend to always use her backside instead of her “front side”. She thought that was a classic case of smartness, to have destroyed her rectum to keep her hymen.

President Akufo Addo may not "physically" rig this year's presidential election but he presumes he can frustrate Ghanaians not to vote through his biased, untruthful, and very fraudulent Electoral Commission, and the now Suppressed Supreme Court. But all-die-be-die.

No wonder in the Federalist No. 78, Alexander Hamilton, a founding father of USA, described the Judiciary arm of government as having "no influence over either the "sword" or the "purse",...It (Supreme Court) may truly be said to have neither FORCE nor the WILL, but merely judgment." In that same paper published in May 1788, Alexander Hamilton quoted Montesquieu who had also expressed his disgust at the existence of the Supreme Court as the leader of the Judiciary when he described it saying, "of the three powers (Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary) the Supreme Court is next to NOTHING."

Nevertheless, fellow Ghanaians, let's keep hope alive. By the grace of Allah, if it has already been written that former President John Mahama is the winner of this year's presidential election, be rest assured, "the pen has been lifted, and the ink has dried" and no amount of rigging and judicial puppeteering, executive bootlicking, can save this cantankerous government and its unfortunate squandermania in the annals of Ghana's history, from losing this decisive election.

But you see, the 1992 constitution is largely the orchestrator of all this leadership diarrhea we have been bombarded with by “congenital lunatics” in this "mere geographical expression" called Ghana. Perhaps, since independence.

I never got to see or read Ghana's previous constitutions in the first, second, and third republics, but I can bet an arm and a leg plus my "balls" as a young man, that they, too, perhaps were as useless as the current legal document that has caused us so much pain in the last twenty-eight years. President Akufu Addo has actually exploited the loopholes of the 1992 constitution. The man always hides behind the Book to perpetrate illegalities.

Personally, I have a great deal of reservation against our fourth Republican constitution and I believe other very concerned Ghanaians do as well - the 1992 constitution.

Cursory glance at it depicts two possibilities: either its drafters were bereft of the required intellectual and mental magnitude, or they were simply jokers. I am not sure about the former, but it is clear that majority of its drafters were in the category of the latter - preeminent jokers!

Subsequently moving forward as a nation, it appears there are not intelligent people in this country, particularly, among those who decide to be the custodians of our collective affairs. And even if there are some, many of them have thrown caution to the wind or “have been allergic to commonsense"! Finito. Period.

There are thousand and one logically defeated claims and many unreasonable injunctions in our current constitution which have been ignored over the years. What catches my fancy and interest the most is the branches of government aspect.

Chapters 8, 10, and 11 of the 1992 constitution which are dedicated to the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary respectively, are mainly responsible for our present state of misrule, certainly. And Articles 78, 148, 149, 125, among other compromising Articles like them, are the worst offenders of our progress as a country. Article 78 in particular has rendered our August House very useless as its oversight function and other vital functions have been taken away from them by the “Executhief” branch of government. I think Ghana desperately needs a bicameral legislature with the current Puppet of the President, becomes the Lower Chamber.

The unfortunate thing is that, if the drafters of that most abused constitution by the President made such costly and nauseating mistakes, why are we continuing with such a very warped system that is triggering all the current governmental nonsense and mess we see in this country?

Are laws made for human beings or the human beings are made for the laws?

Sorry for objectively digressing. I shall return to this constitutional miasma one day.

Today, Present Akufo Addo has literally transfigured into a deputy God due to this skewed state of affairs in the 1992 constitution. Because, the system is designed in such a way that every desperate and greedy President can easily become unstoppable in pushing any agenda, by foul or by fair!

Separation of powers has been mocked in this our rather alien presidential system of government. May Allah forgive me for referring to our type of government as presidential system of government.

With his hiring and firing power granted him generously by the constitution, President Akufo Addo has abused it drastically and tragically.

But the most powerful man in the country is gradually coming to the end of his frequent proceed-on-leave directives. The president is obviously now walking on eggshells if not broken bottles on his way to political demise.

The good news is that, desperate leaders like President Akufo Addo, Benito Mussolini, and maybe Adolf Hitler, usually don't get away with their mess when the political Judgement Day finally arrives, at least.

It is why the NPP government is frantically trying to secure an already lost victory with every hanky-panky method no matter how panicky it may be, including exposing citizens to the coronavirus.

Rigging might not constitute physically adding votes fraudulently to oneself in an election, or snatching of ballot boxes and destroying votes of opponents. Intimidating and terrorizing into silence, political opponents or their supporters through military sieges, are part of rigging an election.

Whether gerrymandering or suppressing of votes and frustrating voters in order to win an election, they all amount to electoral irregularities and fraud. And the NPP government surely has a very premeditated thieving agenda.

But I think someone must remind the Akufo-led Kleptocratic government, that even thieves are not always successful, especially, "armed robbers". There are times they get caught during their operations and killed or jailed.

And if the prayers of Ghanaians outweigh that of the current in-your-face broad daylight electoral heist perpetrators, the prospective beneficiaries of this inhumane electoral thievery shall leave power in God's name.

Ghanaians continue to pray; Vulnerable Ghanaians are praying; Religious groups are praying; elders are praying. And In Shaa Allah, Heaven shall listen to our cries and suffering caused by our oppressors come December 7th.

Abdul Hakeem Iddrisu

(The Young Prof.)

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