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Covid-19 Rape, Murder in RCCG Church: Disgrace to Christendom

LISTEN JUN 10, 2020

Rape and murder occurred in RCCG church amidst coronavirus pandemic and a great disgrace has been brought to Christendom, yet church leaders have not read the handwriting on the wall. Since the history of Nigeria’s amalgamation in 1914, for the first time a virgin girl was tied, gagged, blindfolded, raped, filmed and murdered in a church in Nigeria.-and everything is wrong with it.

People have been killed in churches. In 2011, Jihadist Christmas bomber attacked St Theresa’s Catholic Church, Madalah and killed over fifty worshipers. Churches have been bombed in Nigeria. In Anambra State, South African based drug barons carried their killing spree into St Philips Catholic Church,Ozubulu and in the process thirteen worshippers were shot dead , even though propagandists blamed herdsmen.

These are different aspects of desecration of worship places in Nigeria during conflicts, but never had someone been raped and killed in a church during peacetime. This is the initial results of the abdication of the spiritual edge of the church in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

I warned variously through different media, public, private, yet nobody listened. Except for few pastors like Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Oyakhlome, Apostle Suleman, Archbishop Obinna, and Archbishop Chukwuma among others, most pastors, priests, clerics failed to discern that Covid-19 is a Chinese virus which the Illuminatic way of causing the churches worldwide to lose relevance.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of Redeeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, was the first Pentecostal cleric to close his church, followed by Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry and Deeper Life Bible Church. I warned against it in the piece titled ‘Coronavirus: Church Leaders Abandons God: Suspends Masses, Deliverances and Anointings’ published in March, immediately after the initial closure of worship centres thus;

“The case of RCCG was most surprising. Pastor Adeboye held annual RCCG convention at the peak of Ebola crisis in August 2014, and on the Friday of the event, estimated two million worshippers were at Redeemed Camp old auditorium. Such was the crowd for the Holy Ghost Service that people prayed that it would not rain because there was no seat inside the auditorium with worshippers littering every space outside. Yet there was no incidence of spread of Ebola after the one week programme. Today, our Daddy GO is afraid of Coronavirus.

“I want to tell these men whose faith had left them, that the Nigerian government of Buhari cannot contain Coronavirus if it spreads. Where is the electricity for social exclusion? Where is the housing for social exclusion? Where is the serene environment for social exclusion? Where are the personnel, some isolation centres are death traps. A woman died in Enugu because the isolation centre resembles Sambisa Forest.

“I want to warn people, only God can save Nigeria from Coronavirus. The infrastructure deficit in Nigeria is breeding ground for spread of Coronavirus. The church leaders who should call upon God are themselves abdicating at this point. Calling upon God from position of fear is handing victory to the devil before the battle starts”.

The same government that lacked solution to Covid-19 had finally decided to open up the economy they locked down, but has the church recovered from the effects of clueless closure amidst pandemic.

In the midst of the pandemic, Pastor Adeboye prophesied a compulsory holiday from heaven. According to the revered cleric,

“Some said there will be a seven-day rain after which the end of COVID 19 shall be wiped out by rain, but I told my children and the true children of God that Coronavirus will not die.

“God told your papa, who is not a prophet, but a pastor, that the virus will be there until the whole world has had a compulsory holiday. Until he proves to the whole world that he is God. He wants to prove to the world that he is in charge. Some people don’t know how to slow down and God knows how to apply brakes.

“I want to assure you that tomorrow will be alright. I hope you are enjoying your holiday because I am”

With due respect to the revered cleric who has touched millions of lives by his preachments, I never believed that his coronavirus prophetic narrative, because I know from credible intelligence way back in January, that the Chinese are up to an agenda, supported by the Illuminati, to create chaos, vaccinate as many as possible, and get the world to another level of acquiescence and God has nothing to do with it. It is simply human wickedness at work. I continued to warn about it until I decided to make some of these findings public, since March.

Ironically, in the midst of God-ordained holiday, a faithful church worker, whose mother had served the church for sixteen years, was murdered inside the very place where the deceased and the mother had rendered service unto God.

Six evils had befallen the church as a result of this abomination in sacred places.

1. Faithful church worker was raped by ‘church members’ inside the church.

2. Faithful church worker was disvirgined by ‘church members’ inside the church.

3. Faithful church member was murdered by familiar assailants

4. Pagan Father, who was converted to Christianity by the deceased, has denounced Christian faith and gone back to idol worship

5. President Buhari, Senate President Lawan, State Governor Obaseki, Inspector General of Police Yusuf, celebrities, politicians, mostly unbelievers, have all condemned the heinous act in the church

6. CNN, FOX News, BBC, Reuters and all major news outlets worldwide devoted time for the scandalous news of a girl raped and murdered in a church, in a most religious country of Africa.

Surely, God cannot order a holiday to disgrace his church. No matter the preachments to explain away the murder, the truth is that an evil occurred inside the Church in peacetime, not wartime. All these theories of ‘God knows everything’, ‘God will judge the rapists’,’ God will heal the family’ are spiritual concoctions of a people who have been conquered by the changing tide of coronavirus consequences.

This is the beginning of the rape f the church in Nigeria, and there may b no end to it, if the church leaders fail to properly discern the times and fight their way out.

1. The Chairman of Presidential Covid-19 Task Force had threatened that churches will be closed again if they fail to follow strict guidelines

2. Lagos State Government had issued more stringent measures on churches, excluding those below 15 years and above 65 years.

3 Services limited to 1 hour, despite the anointing flowing in the place

4 Night vigils banned, despite whether demons are jumping around and need to be cast out or otherwise.

5 Some states have out rightly locked down Sundays and Saturdays while some refused to lift ban on worship centers.

If these things are not official rape on the once prestigious church, then what is it. I have posited in many pieces that the church will soon be tossed about like football, and it is happening already.

Paganistic, ritualistic and occultist leaders and looters of Nigeria have variously condemned the act of rape and murder of Uwa . Tomorrow, the same people will mock the system that could not protect a faithful church worker from randy church members.

The churches in Nigeria have been severely struck. More strikes will come between now and when governments have the magnanimity to open up the worship space. The church in Nigeria had lost control to the Illuminatic government officials.

A faithful church worker by name Uwaila Vera Omozuwa, 22- year-old and 100-level student of the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria was murdered on Wednesday 27th May, 2020, inside the Ikpoba Hill branch of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Benin, Edo State. This is not a denominational problem; it is just a warning strike from the kingdom of darkness to the Nigerian church that they have arrived. Before the church receives more strikes, let them employ the services of all the spiritual resources at their disposal to ensure that the criminals, murderers and privies are apprehended.

The rape and murder of Uwaila Vera Omozuwa, in RCCG church is a slap on Christendom and the earlier our religious leaders use spiritual powers to fish out the perpetrators, the better for the battered image of the church.

Obinna Akukwe, columnist, contact [email protected] , @obinnaakukwe

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