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30 May 2014 | General News

MallforAfrica Emerges As Highest Rated App In 2014 For African Audience

Eric Eghaghe, a new lifestyle mobile application has debuted as the 3rd highest-ranking lifestyle App on the Apple App Store. By this rating, the MallforAfrica App has emerged as the highest rated App ever targeted at an African audience.

The MallforAfrica App, is an online mall with over 80 of the top US brands in the world, including Amazon, Carters, Payless, Macy's and Walmart. Major UK brands that are popular amongst Africans, such as Marks and Spencer, Next, Zara, Selfridges and T.M. Lewin are also available in the online mall.

Chris Folayan, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, who along with his brother Tope Folayan founded MallforAfrica to address the issues Africans face with buying products from outside the continent explains:

'We strategically launched the App on the Android and Windows platforms first, because these platforms, particularly the Android platform have the higher number of users within the continent and especially in Nigeria, which is the first market we are targeting. However, as Apple devices become more popular, we have had to expedite the launch of the App on Apple App platform and are quite pleased with the reception from users.'

Over a little period of time, MallforAfricacontinues to be one of the leading e-commerce sites on the African continent and is growing both in terms of its customer base and physical footprint in Nigeria.

'What makes us different from other e-commerce sites is the fact that we also have physical locations close to our customers where they can pick up their products that they order from the major brands that are in our mall', says Tope Folayan, who oversees the company's African operation.

It is estimated that the MallforAfrica App gives shoppers access to over 8 billion items, across the 80 stores in the online mall. This makes the mall's inventory larger than all the physical malls in Nigeria combined

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