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7 Tricks To Make Your Children Excel At School

LISTEN JUL 7, 2015

Children do need motivation. If it is done the right way, your child will achieve great results in a comparatively short period of time.

The difference between adults and kids is that they need much stronger motivation to keep them focused. You know that you child is talented and is good at many various subjects. But is he the best? Probably not. And there is definitely something you can always do to make him study harder – inspire him! We, grown-ups, understand that later on we need knowledge to get a better paid job, promotion at the company and other things of this kind. Lazy people can hardly achieve anything worthy, that's why you should do all possible to help your child to understand that his future is in his own hands. It does not take long to raise your kid's interest in various disciplines. All he needs is his first good score. This will be his first victory which will stimulate him to move further.

1. Reasonable organization
Take some time and arrange the place where your child usually spends his time the way it should be organized. One of the most important aspects for successful studying is lighting. Make sure that the desk and the chair are comfortable. Sitting at a desk long hours is harder if the furniture is not designed properly. While studying your children do not need too many toys around them. This will cause distraction. Specialists strongly recommend that your child's room should be bright, airy and spacious enough. If the room is messy, it will always be more challenging to make your child study in it. Let it be clean and tidy. Help your kids arrange his own things and teach him good habits. Finally, proper time management is a powerful tool as well. Studying without breaks is tough even for adults. Let your child have a rest from time to time.

2. Playful studying process
If you are a parent of a very young child, then be smart and incorporate interesting games into studying. Little kids cannot focus for too long and it is difficult for them to concentrate on one single thing for longer than 15 minutes. The only thing that may help you in this case is your own creativity. Make learning new subjects something fun to do. Colorful pens, school supplies such as notebooks with cute cartoon characters – all these things will do the trick!


3. Focusing on the strongest points
None of us is perfect. Children have skills and even talents, but they are not supposed to excel in all things they do. Try and find out what it is your kid is best at and start evolving this skill into his strongest point. Do not let your child forget that other areas are also important. Even if his grades in math are good, it does not mean that he can get the worst scores in literature.


4. Establishing a friendly and open contact with your kid

You and your family members are supposed to be authority. Authority does not mean violence, threatening or punishment. Respect your children's feelings and do not manipulate them. Do not try to bribe them with tempting promises to buy this or that for good grades and scores at school. You will spoil your kid and he will only become even lazier. Hide your frustration, disappointment and any other sort of negative emotions. Being a friend is far more effective.


5. Conversation with the teacher
Go to school and meet your children's teachers. Introduce yourself and make them know that you are not indifferent to what is going on in your kid's life. Talk to the teachers and ask what you can do to make your child a better pupil. Listen to the teachers attentively and be part of the solution if any kind of problem exists. Do not avoid unpleasant conversations. It is natural that all we want to hear about our kids should be positive. However, reality is different and some kids are naughty and require more attention. It is wise to know who your child's friends are. Do they make good influence on him? Or are they weak students at school themselves? If you are sure that your child's friends give him a negative example, you should convince your child that he deserves better relationships.


6. Being part of your child's school life

It is really important to get involved into your child's school life. If you demonstrate that you are interested, your children will appreciate it and will start sharing their daily experiences with you. Good relationship with teachers is also essential. Those are people who spend a great deal of time with your child and know him very well. Attend meetings, become a member of a parent-teacher association and so on.


7. Keeping calm and optimistic
Do not show your frustration if your child's results are poor. Do not start describing or even imagining how hard your child's life is going be in the future just because his last score at school was lower than usual. It is only natural that children should like hanging out with friends or playing computer games. Do not punish your kid for bad results. Calm down a bit and understand that fear or anxiety may only make things worse. They will ruin your relationship with your child and, instead of respect all you child will feel for you will be fear or even hatred.



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