Avoid sparing mentality (2)

devotional 4
LISTEN JUN 15, 2014
devotional 4

Isaiah 54:2; 2 Sam. 24:24; acts 5:1-10
Today we shall continue to examine the handles that sparing mentality works with in a man's life

LAZINESS: Not willing to work or delight in performing the required task always avoiding the pain of the work. A lazy man always spares himself, he never fully committed to anything.

EMOTIONALISM: Emotionalism is the greatest assassin of destiny. It makes a man take a position against the structure and righteous leadership and pitch tent with the 'underdog' making you to see the person being trained or corrected as being unfairly treated. This makes training look like punishment. An emotional person in any cadre of leadership will limit the people under him and make it difficult for them to attain their full potential.

MEDIOCRITY:  Mediocrity makes a man not to demand excellence upon himself and others alike. In Phil 3:14, you can see Paul demanding excellence upon himself. He said, 'I press towards the mark for the price of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.' He was not ready to stop and tabernacle at a comfort zone of life. He was able to do exploit for God because he did not spare himself.

CARELESSNESS: Carelessness is another factor that breeds sparing mentality. The Bible admonishes us to take due diligence. You must develop capacity for attention to details knowing that every little thing matters.

IGNORANCE: A man peaks too soon when he is not aware of the full dimensions and scope of what is involved in his destiny, so he carves a niche for himself and settles down to remain small. You have seen brothers that were firebrands for Jesus on Campus that the deception of a good life has made them end up nowhere in God's programme again. It is also the same for ladies that were on fire for God until they got married.

Examples are scattered throughout the Bible of the people that spared themselves and those that refused to spare themselves. I want you to learn from them and take position with those that refused to spare themselves.

Prayer: Father, I ask for your forgiveness in every area I have been holding on to what I should have released to You. I receive the power to lay down in Jesus' name.

By Rev O. Areogun

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