How To Protect Your Children From Domestic Accidents – Part 1

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domestic accident

I went to check a friend in a private hospital some time ago. On getting there, I saw a three-year-old boy on drip, groaning in pain, surrounded by family members. I was later informed that his mother poured kerosene inside a ragolis water bottle and placed it in the kitchen. The little boy got there, thought it was water and helped himself to more than a cupful of kerosene before collapsing. He was revived by only God's grace.

A young mother was boiling water on the table. Her little child got there, pulled the table and baptised himself with boiled water.

Domestic accident is very common. Parents should learn to prevent them. You are advised to do the following to protect your family:

1.    Keep all drugs away from children. Make sure they are kept in a safe cool place.

2.   Never boil water near them as a wife boil water only .in the kitchen. Please do not take this for granted.

3.   Make sure all electricity wires are neatly packed and well insulated. All electrical appliances should be used by adults only.

4.  Make sure there is a door to your kitchen, which must h always be locked especially when cooking.

5.   Any object that can cut the child like blade, knife, broken, w bottle etc should not be where  they can lay hands on them.

6.   Remove any thing that can be swallow like pin, bead, coin, etcetera from their reach.

7.   Make sure there is no place in the house that is slippery; remove banana peels and mob water whenever they are slipped

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