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My Parents Quarrel Always

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Dear Auntie Betty,

I am 11 and about to go to Class Six. I have a serious problem at home and it’s about my parents.

My parents don’t talk to each other most of the time. They are always quarrelling about one thing or another.

Whenever they are quarrelling, I think that they are going to divorce and that scares me a lot because I don’t want that to happen. I want us to be happy and live together always.

I am very scared and confused. What should I do, auntie?

Jessica, Accra.

Dear Jessica,

Unfortunately, there is nothing you or your siblings can do to stop your parents from arguing or quarrelling always.

You need to understand that the fact that your parents quarrel does not mean they do not love each other or want to divorce.

l hope you have siblings and sometimes you do not agree on certain things which make you angry with one another.

Since we are humans and sometimes are unable to control our temper, we get angry and quarrel.

But the good thing is that when your parents quarrel, they are able to resolve the problem later and still live together as a family.

So, Jessica, don’t worry yourself over that and enjoy your childhood.

Let the adults that your parents are sort themselves out and don’t harbour any fears about divorce.

if the quarrels go on and you are not able to cope, you and your siblings can talk to your mother or whichever of your parents you are close to about how you feel and that will cause that person to try to address the problem.

If, on the other hand, you think it is too sensitive to talk directly with your parents, l suggest you all write the same letters to both of them, telling them how you feel and your fears for the family.

It would also be good to make your parents your friends so that you can discuss any problems that you have.

I, however, want to assure you that you and your siblings are not the cause of the regular quarrels so don’t feel bad but rather get closer to them and let them know how you feel.

All the best.

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