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27.01.2019 Career & Money

Do These 4 Things And You've Got Your Workers For Good

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Do These 4 Things And You've Got Your Workers For Good
LISTEN JAN 27, 2019

One of the most important factors that influence an employee’s motivational level is the structure of the work itself. Is the work worth waking up every morning? Is the supervision influencing work ethics positively? Does the job motivate work performance?

A standout amongst the most essential factors that impact a worker's motivational level is simply the job design of the work. Is the work worth getting up each morning? Is the supervision affecting hardworking attitudes decidedly? Does job satisfaction propel work performance? Supervisors have the duty to design an environment where tasks are combined to complete work and satisfy workers.

Below are factors that influence workers in the working environs;

1. Identify workers needs and provide solutions to them

As much as individuals differ, so do their wants and needs. The main factor that drives individuals to get up each morning to work is the longing to fulfill their heart desires. Be that as it may, when we go to the workplace, the need for acknowledgment and accomplishment is serious. So as HR supervisors, it is essential that you perceive the individual needs and differences of your workers. That is the reason why a meeting or interview is generally directed in the first place. The interview is to appropriately distinguish, most importantly the need and afterward the aptitude of the candidate. This is to empower the HR administrator to endorse a particular set of working responsibilities dependent on the interview’s general performance. There are times in the organization, where workers are promoted especially when it is realized that they have expertise their underlying set of working responsibilities and have propelled themselves other challenging roles.

2. Link people’s interest with the desired job descriptions

Every organization is comprised of a spectrum of departments and units, both workers and non-workers. As an administrator, people’s skills and capabilities should be coordinated to a specific job role to enhance performance and the advancement in that field. Imagine an IT expert, being asked to perform a secretarial job, what do you think it’s anticipated of him? This will only prompt low performance and the dislike for the job intensifies. Individuals ought to be entrusted with the duties that they appreciate and grasp. There should be a reshuffling of job roles to avoid repetition and gossiping that may occur in a set position. In a company with a lot of branches, employees can be transferred with benefits to other locations to enhance job performance. It is therefore essential that supervisor recognize workers skills and capabilities in order to match these to the appropriate job description.

3. Encourage involvement in decision making Teamwork is everything. Giving space for individuals to express their thoughts and sentiments breeds efficiency and accountability. A one-sided way of decision making blinds the leader from recognizing the assets in his company. Motivation is a fundamental concept for participation in decision making which increases workers motivation in their various departments. This is so in light of the fact that permitting workers in the decision-making process pave way for the ownership of their decisions and choices. To clarify, workers feel the responsibility of ensuring that every decision taken by themselves brings results not only to the company but also to their overall personality. Supervisors must allow workers to participate in every decision-making process to increase transparency and maximize results. Even with that, participation should not be compulsory, workers shouldn’t be compelled or threatened to participate in decision making. Participation has proven to be a fundamental ingredient that increases employees’ commitment and motivation.

4. Try not to disregard cash Truth be told, everybody goes to work to be paid toward the month's end. Regardless of whether you are making benefits or not, workers are not by any stretch of the imagination bothered about that. Cash is the thing that keeps them coming, so as managers, you should guarantee that workers’ wages are first of all secured to promote productivity. The allocation of performance based on wage increases, piecework bonus, and other pay incentives is important in determining employee productivity.