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25.01.2019 Social Issues

6 Suicidal Behaviors Of Depression You Shouldn't Ignore

By Catherine Forson Agbo
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LISTEN JAN 25, 2019

Depression is accompanied by some common signs such as loss of sleep, loss of appetite, loss of energy, sadness, frequent crying and others. Nevertheless, prolonged depression that continues for a considerable length of time is particularly unfortunate and can influence an individual mental self-image. Everyone can feel depression one way or the other, but this period does not last for more than 14 days. Depression is a miserable feeling that comes when one is discouraged or “down in the dumps”. When people are faced with trial times and they feel the entire world has come disintegrating down, they begin to act suicidal. Some young people don’t get help. Suicide is an intentional attempt, no one is compelled to commit suicide and prior to that, a decision to take one's very life runs with satisfactory readiness. We will be discussing some behavioral signs that a depressed person is suicidal.

They lose interest in their personal appearance

Appearance says much regarding a person. Individuals go about their day to day lives for one purpose… to continue living. This is reflected in the manner in which they look and present themselves every day. Take for the part of going to work, the mind instructs you to dress well as it is obligatory to look presentable before your other working colleagues. In spite of this, an individual mulling over suicide, have less or no enthusiasm about what they look like or how they appear. You notice that it gets a point in their lives; they find it difficult to shower, shave their beard or even press their clothe. They are less worried about their wellbeing and what they look like.

They pull back from family and friends

Indeed, what is the use of being around friends and family? In an aspect where they feel they had hurt a loved one so bad that they got depressed about telling them, they intently stay away from them to avoid their emotions from betraying them. They do not want to talk or be around people they care about as this was only hurt them the most.

They lose interest in their work

In a situation where they go to work or own their own businesses, you realize that they unconsciously absent themselves from work on countless occasions. They lose enthusiasm about going to work or being in any working environment. Their psychic minds are occupied with their problems. They invest energy pondering about their issues and how awful it has affected their lives. They lose focus on their jobs and colleagues at work. Moreover, if they do go to work, you realize that they keep to themselves and state nearly nothing to anyone. They move as if the world halted before them.

They ask questions about death

Better believe it; they invest energy with books and different philosophies that focus on life after death. Some go to spiritual leaders to get some information about absolution, suicide, hellfire, and paradise. They will, in general, enjoy asking their friends and family about issues that have to do with death and funerals. Others watch films or documentaries that have to do with death. They do this to get thoughts regarding which passing is painless or agonizing. They envision a world without them in it, a permanent space where they are free from their problems.

They use chemicals such as alcohol or drugs

As for this, they fundamentally enjoy taking alcoholic drinks and remain high n drugs. You find depressed individuals who barely drink, stayed with liquor at all times. You discover them at specific bar joints, drinking their life away, with little attention to what people think or say. They trust that it is the best way to get their issues off their brains.

They give away their possessions

What use are assets when you realize that you are not going to live longer to secure them? Depressed persons brooding about suicide will, in general, give away their best belonging such as their favorite pet, couch, jewelry, journal, and even cash. When they know death is calling, they get rid of things that mean a great deal to them. Being suicidal is just enough plan for them to give their properties and monies out, either through casual giving or massive donations. With respect to inheritance, they meet with the attorneys to settle or modify their will.

People go through a lot in every passing day. Some are strong to withstand the challenges that accompany them, but others aren’t so strong. This is where we need to direct our attention and care to people close to us. I believe if we take notice of these signs in a fellow individual, you can positively reach out to them.

Suicide isn’t the answer.