A Valentine Poem: Dearest

14.02.2010 LISTEN
By myjoyonline

I look over the hills to the days I spent alone;
Solitude rendered my voice a hoarse tone;
When I was but a face unknown;
Oh! How quickly the tides move;
Vivid disturbing scenes become stale memories.
My mind rushes to days so young.
When you were a budding princess;
The focal point of the handsome and wealthy on campus.

When I was just a pauper in your charming eyes;
All I got then was my poetry.
I remember how I use to sit on a bench
Under a tree beside the royal parade grounds
I could fall in trance thinking about you, my goldfinch;

The poems fell out of my heart in beautiful words.
Words you read and laugh at, so flustered.
In your mind I was a silly delusional guy.
Oh! Afia my dearest, what of me caught your eye?
A zillion times I have asked and I zillion times you have not answered.

I hear cupid is coming to town;
Love is being rekindled when he arrives,
Memories would be relived;
But my love for you needs neither season nor cupid.

I have found a home for my heart;
An object of my most beautiful dreams
A mother of children yet to be born
And my celebrant of cupid's treasured day.
By Your love;
Credit: Charles Ackah
[email protected]

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