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Aug 31, 2018 | Career & Money

It's Not The End Of The World; How To Come Bank Stronger After Losing Your Job

Photo- Shutterstock
Photo- Shutterstock

Take Stock
Whether you saw it coming or not, whether it was directly your fault or not you have to walk yourself through the entire experience and take note of what you could have done differently.

Even in a situation where it is clearly not your fault, like a company downsizing, there are still lessons to be learnt. One thing you can take away from such a situation is to look out for signs of financial or any other distress in a company and advise yourself accordingly. Taking stock of the entire experience and the events leading up to it will give you some closure and prepare you adequately for the next job role.

Move on
You can easily get stuck in the black hole that is is self-pity or get drawn into a constant loop of the events that led to losing your role. Dwelling too much on what has already happened gives room for negative emotions to fester and lead you down the road of depression. When you have allowed yourself to grieve, you should move on from and start preparing yourself for the next stage of your life. You can spend the period of unemployment catching up on your pet projects, spending time with your family, putting your CV in order and taking a vacation.

Don’t internalize the loss
Losing your job is just like any other loss. Of course the consequences are far reaching, but a job loss is not necessarily an indication of personal failure. It should be considered as a temporary set-back and treated as such. Acknowledge that life is riddled with many setbacks which are often temporary and develop an attitude and mentality to bounce back.

Get back in the game
You don’t have to take too much time to mourn the loss of a job. After a short while of moping around, you should set things in motion to get back into the world of work. Some people may not want to go back to being employees, and that is totally to be expected. It means that they must start putting things in motion for the next chapter. They can channel the grief into productive energy and start drafting business plans, proposals or anything else they’ll need to to get started. Those who want to go back to another job can use the period to polish up their CV and start the job search on the number one jobs search portal in Ghana.

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