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August 23, 2018 | Love & Relationships

I'm Single, A Virgin At 40 And Oh Yes I'm Perfectly Fine!
Photo- Pixabay
Photo- Pixabay

I am a successful, sexy, healthy and a wealthy woman. I am God-fearing, kind-hearted and the life of the party. I have my girl posse, who are there for me always and I have a number of suitors on my line. Everything that I envisioned for myself has come true and I could not be any happier. BUT I am single, a virgin and FORTY!

I’m sure you’re thinking “then she’s not really happy” “how can you not have a husband at your big age” “don’t you want kids?!” “something must be wrong with her if she’s not married.” And to all that I say HA! I’ve heard it all before from everybody. From my mother to a random stranger that don’t mind their business. But the truth, MY truth is that I am perfectly FINE. I am happy and satisfied with my life. Don’t get me wrong, I want to get married and have children, every woman’s dream right? But if that is not His will I am just FINE.

Though my mother is the typical traditional Ghanaian woman and today 100% of her prayers are dedicated to her precious daughter finding love she always taught me to fight for what I deserve. She probably didn’t intend for me to take it to heart but I did and I believe I am better for it. I work hard for what I want and reap the benefits. I choose not to settle for less. So you see as a sexy, healthy, wealthy, God-fearing woman I expect nothing more, nothing less. And I just haven’t met the man that matches my fly and you know what? That is okay! I enjoy being by myself and my dogs, I enjoy my work, I enjoy travelling and frankly I enjoy casual dates more than I enjoyed my long term relationships.

My Ghanaian girls (and guys), I know this may sound crazy. We all want to settle with a life companion early and live the rest of our lives happily ever after. But I assure you if you are not satisfied with your partner now you won’t be satisfied thirty years from now either.

I am taking my sweet time. Hopefully Mr. Right comes and changes my life but for now I’m just chilling.

Ooooh yes I’m forty and still pristine

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