I sacked my first management team for consuming my Khebab, popcorn and juice — DKB

  Thu, 26 Jan 2023
Comedy News Derick Kobina Bonney better known as DKB, Comedian
Derick Kobina Bonney better known as DKB, Comedian

Stand-up comedian, Derick Kobina Bonney better known as DKB has delineated how he sacked his first management team members.

He alleged that they consumed his khebab, popcorn and others without his permission.

In 2005, DKB gained admission to the University of Ghana where his serious engagement with stand-up comedy took root after proving himself at an event on campus.

His popularity was enhanced when he represented Ghana at the Big Brother Africa (season 7) in 2012.

Speaking in a one-on-one interview with Ekow Koomson, co-host of 30 Minutes on Citi TV, DKB who narrated how his career in comedy began, said he was angry with his management team after they consumed food items he was awarded after winning a competition on campus.

“There was this competition on campus at Commonwealth hall. When I got there I was asked by the MC if I can fool. After doubting my capabilities, he gave me the mic and after cracking two jokes, they named me the winner,” DKB told Ekow Koomson.

“Immediately I got down from the stage, I became an instant celebrity… I got a manager, PRO, and a road manager. In fact, I was flanked by my classmates who started managing me… My reward was 2 sticks of Khebab, 2 cups of juice, a pack of popcorn and something else”.

The popular comedian said members of his management denied receiving the items.

“When I asked them if they had received the items, they denied it, although you could clearly see oil stains on their mouth… My management consumed my items and I sacked them that same day”.

Watch the full interview below:

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