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15.11.2019 General News

Psalm Adjetefio Wants Support For His Heart Surgery

By News Desk
Psalm Adjetefio

Veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio, has appealed to Ghanaians to help him pay the bill for his heart surgery.

In an interview on Kofi TV, the actor said that although he is working to pay the bills he is not strong enough to respond to every casting call.

He explained that his wives along with some family members and friends who he could depend on have left him to fend for himself.

The actor popularly called 'TT' went public about his failing health in 2018 on the Delay Show.

He revealed that he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart which has led to the swelling of his feet.

'TT' added that his medical check-ups also revealed that some of his organs have shifted and doctors need to work on him to fix them.

His health, he told Delay, was deteriorating at an alarming rate but failed to disclose the exact cost of the surgery.

In his interview on Kofi TV, the Taxi Driver actor stated that he did not want to go public with his ailment but had no choice when his body began failing him.

He explained that he was advised by a lady to call Delay for the first interview that brought his ailment to the public.

He said that a lot of Ghanaians across the world reached out to him after the interview.

TT, however, added that the cash donations he has received are still not enough to pay for his surgery.

He has pleaded with Ghanaians to help him with more contributions.